Things get interesting when a lawyer hires me for a mysterious client.

"Lionel Duffings[sic] wants me to revisit the bank robbery case for someone who apparently knows me quite well."


Lionel Duffing: I have a case for you, detective. It's something routine, but the circumstances... are not.

Detective: I hope nothing bad happened to Daisy?

Lionel Duffing: No. It's not a personal matter. One of my clients asked me to hire a P. I. They asked specifically for you, to be exact.

Detective: And I assume you're not at liberty to tell me who is this person?

Lionel Duffing: Sorry. Those are the terms. But it concerns your old case. The bank robbery.

Lionel Duffing: My client wants you to track down the members of the gang and see what they've been up to.

Detective: Sounds routine. But you got me intrigued. I'm in!


Detective: Who was there? Let's see... Salomon Crane, Carl Johnson, Cecilia Kyle... let's check those names. I should find them all in jail.

  • 3 photos
  • Thief: 5 lockpicks
  • 3 maps
  • 2 fingerprints
  • Thief: 3 knuckles
  • 2 maps
  • 3 photos
  • 4 fingerprints
  • 2 maps
  • 2 fingerprints

If you fail:

Detective: Routine and boring. I found nothing of interest... but I have this nagging feeling I missed something really important.

If you win:

Detective: This can't be right. Most of them are already on the streets! A few mistrials, plea bargains, one successful insanity defense...

Detective: And some very, very good lawyers Someone's been helping them get out of jail. Recruiting professionals, probably.

Detective: This is something big, Lionel. I won't abide by your client's terms. Tell her that I want to meet face to face.

Lionel Duffing: Tell her? Oh... Well I thought this would turn out like that. I'll arrange a meeting.

City search: Crème de la CrèmeEdit

Detective: Patience de Monde. We meet again. No wonder you hired Mr. Duffing as an intermediary. You knew I'd never work for you.

Patience de Monde: Oh, but you will. Because you're intrigued by what's happening to my old gang and why did I ask for you specifically.

Detective: Let me guess. You're jealous of your pawns and you can't personally check out what's happening because of your house arrest.

Patience de Monde: I'm beyond pety jealousy. Don't you understand? This means there's a power struggle going on. Pawns are being moved. Some are captured, other change sides...

Detective: I'm not a pawn, if that's what you're suggesting. But if you're willing to pay me, I'll investigate the case.

Patience de Monde: Good. Start with tracking down Cecilia Kyle. She just left the prison. Check out where is she now, and why.

Cecilia Kyle is:

  • not more than 5 from a port
  • not more than 2 from a club
  • more than 2 from warehouses
  • not more than 6 from a gas station
  • more than 1 from bus stations
  • more than 2 from train stations
  • more than 3 from prisons
  • more than 2 from press buildings
  • On the map there are 3 ports
  • On the map there are 3 clubs
  • On the map there are 2 warehouses
  • On the map there are 2 train stations

There are candies in (8,11)

1 CitySearchSolution-0

Solution: (12,6)

If you fail:

Detective: This city is just too big to track down one, petite ex-con.

If you win:

Detective: Hi there, Cecilia. This club is definitely too up-scale for someone who just got out of the slammer. I'll bet you're looking for someone?

Cecilia Kyle: What? I don't know what youre talking about! I asked if I can make a call, uh...

Cecilia Kyle: I shouldn't talk to you! Get lost!

Detective: Let's check where did Cecilia call... the city court? Hmmm...

Crime scene search: Behind Closed DoorsEdit

Detective: I need a favor, Lionel. Cecilia Kyle made a call to the courthouse. Perhaps you could identify the recipient?

Lionel Duffing: It was none of the employees. The courthouse was under lock-down today, some high profile trial behid closed doors. She must have called the defendant... but I don't know who that was.

Detective: I'd love to look around the courthouse. Maybe I'll find something to determine who the defendant was.

5 CrimeSeneSolution

If you fail:

Detective: This trial sure was high profile. No way to figure out who was the defendant.

If you win:

Detective: Custom made cufflinks. Probably very expensive. Maybe Patience de Monde knows the owner?

Suspect identification: Handcuffs and CufflinksEdit

Detective: Cecilia Kyle was trying to reach someone at the courhouse. A defendant in some high-proile case. I found those cufflinks in the holding cell.

Patience de Monde: Oh, splendid. It all makes sense now!

Detective: Could you be a little bit more clear?

Patience de Monde: Of course not, dear. I paid you to solve this case, remember? You need to figure it out for yourself. Otherwise I won't pay you a dime!

8 SuspectIDSolution

Solution: Tony Malone

If you fail:

Patience de Monde: I'm sorry, but this isn't a game of bingo. You had your chance, you wasted it.

Detective: But, but... ugh, you got me. I'll figure it out. Some time.

If you win:

Patience de Monde: Correct as usual! It was, indeed, the gentleman Tony Malone. He gathered quite a collection of scumbags. A lot of people you personally put in jail.

Patience de Monde: I wonder, is your friend McLean also working for him?

Detective: He's not! He...

Patience de Monde: Judging from your reaction, he is. Well, well...

Patience de Monde: I wonder, is your boyfriend McLean also working for him?

Detective: He's not! And he's not my boyfriend!

Patience de Monde: Judging from your reaction, he is. Both working for Malone and your boyfriend, I mean. Well, well...

Patience de Monde: Well, I got what I wanted. Mr. Duffing will send you the check. I'm sorry, but I won't invite you in for lemonade. You turned out to be a burdensome guest.


If you fail:

Lionel Duffing: Due to your unsatisfactory performance, I have to terminate your contract. I'm sorry, but it's my client's decision

Detective: I get it, Lionel. Don't worry. I just feel bad that I missed something. Something really big!

If you win:

Detective: I've got something for you, Lucy. It's Malone. He's recruiting heavily. He already got all of de Monde's men... and I suspect that McLean joined him as well.

Lucy Gordon: That's... that's some news. I'll look into that, and let you know if something pops up. Thank you for trusting me with this.

Detective: Lucy, we must talk. Malone is recruiting heavily. He already got all of de Monde's men... and I suspect that McLean joined him as well.

Lucy Gordon: What a jerk! How could he do something like this?! I'll look into that, and let you know if something pops up.

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