Alphonse Covet is the mayor of the city who introduced the sugar ban.

Appearances Edit

Chapter 3Edit

Overwhelming Office (3-16)Edit

The detective tells him about the speech Sam Lowry wrote.

Mayor's Manuscript (3-18)Edit

He tells the detective about a spy in the city hall.

Chapter 4Edit

Candy Crackdown (4-2)Edit

He tells the detective about a candy smuggling operation.

Headline Hunters (4-4)Edit

He tells the detective that someone is spying Sam Lowry.

Suspicious Strike (4-6)Edit

He tells the detective about the Dockers Union's strike.

Bombing the Ballot (4-11)Edit

He arranges the release of the detective after the latter is arrested.

Sweet Sensation (4-12)Edit

The detective asks him to reinstate Lucy Gordon.

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He is reelected for mayor after the arrest of Perry J. Jameson.

Chapter 5Edit

Malicious Mobster (5-8)Edit

Ivan Mogilevich tells Leonardo McLean that Covet hired him to kill the detective.

Cleaner's Confession (5-9)Edit

Mogilevich tells the detective that Covet also hired him to kill John Bravucci.

Guilty Government (5-12)Edit

The detective exposes evidence of Covet's crimes on TV.