"My old client's house was burglarized, and Mr. Duffing asked me to find the thief and retrieve the goods."


Lionel Duffing: Detective, I need your help! My house was burglarized. I just came back home and the whole place is a mess! They took a lot of things: jewelry, money, silverware...

Detective: I see. Do you have a clue how the burglar got inside?

Lionel Duffing: Not at all! All the doors and windows were locked tight! But you'll find the burglar, right?


Detective: Mr. Duffing remembers locking all doors and windows, but maybe he overlooked something. What do the witnesses say?

  • 5 questions
  • 3 photos
  • 4 maps
  • 1 knuckle
  • 4 fingerprints
  • 3 magnifiers
  • 3 photos

If you fail:

Detective: the witnesses don't know a thing, and this burglary really looks like a work of a ghost.

If you win: Detective: It appears Mr. Duffing was right - he did lock the house tightly. And all the windows and doors are intact. So how did the burglar get inside?

Crime scene search:The Locked Room MysteryEdit

Detective: I need to survey the whole house and find a probable place of entry.

If you enter the garage

Detective: Mr. Duffing says those are one of the fancy electric garage doors. Top-notch security. Could he enter through here?

If you enter the north bedroom:

Detective: Mr Duffing kept most of his valuables here. Hmmm. Looks like this room was looted the most.

Screenshot 2014-07-18-12-17-09

Detective: Look at the dirt. The burglar entered through this window. It isn't damaged in any way, and the window latch is open. And it can be opened only from the inside.

Lionel Duffing: But I'm sure I checked all the windows before leaving! How could this happen?

Detective: I'm not sure yet. But there's only one person who can answer this question. The burglar.

City search: The Wretched Hive of VillainyEdit

Detective: Leo, I need a piece of advice. I need to find a certain man of your profession.

Leonardo McLean: You know I'm bound with a code of silence towards my comrades. But if I mention the name of a bar, the Salty Oyster, where they usually gather...

Detective: ...I'm sure that wouldn't help me at all. Thanks, Leo!

The Salty Oyster is:

  • in the distance of 1 from water
  • in the distance of 1 from railways
  • more than 2 from train stations
  • more than 2 from gas station
Screenshot 2014-07-18-12-27-38

Solution: (7,8)

If you fail:

Detective: It seems knowing the name of the bar wasn't enough to actually find the place.

If you win:

Detective: Here it is. The wretched hive of villainy. Let's go inside.

Suspect identification: When in Rome...Edit

Martin Tucker: You just made a big mistake, chump. You nosy types aren't welcome here. Maybe I should teach you a lesson with my trusty blade...

Detective: You made the mistake, not me. See this bulge in my coat? Never take a knife to a shootout, fella. Now, would you kindly answer some questions for me?

Detective: You made the mistake, not me. See this bulge in my handbag? Never take a knife to a shootout, fella. Now, would you kindly answer some questions for me?

Screenshot 2014-07-18-12-34-54

Solution: Liz Montague

If you fail:

Martin Tucker: Wait... What's that? That's no gun! You were bluffing! You only have a wallet in that coat, don't you?

Detective: Oops, gotta run!

Detective: Whew, that was close. But I still don't know who's the culprit...

If you win

Detective: Ok, I got the ID. Luckily the thug didn't notice the thing in my pocket was actually my wallet.

Detective: Ok, I got the ID. Luckily the thug didn't notice the thing in my pocket was actually my hairdryer.

Detective: Hey, lady! You broke into a house last night, through a window. I bet you didn't have time to sell the goods. Shall I call the cops?

Liz Montague: Please don't, I'll give you back the stuff! i didn't even want to rob the house. I just saw a cat opening the window to get out, and you know...

Detective: Yeah. Opportunity makes the thief. Now, return the missing things and maybe, just maybe, Mr. Duffing will be kind enough not to file charges.


If you fail:

Detective: I'm sorry, Mr. Duffing, but it almost looks like a perfect crime. There's no way I can find your goods.

Lionel Duffing: That's a pity. If only we knew how the thief did it, we might be able to secure my house from future burglaries.

If you win

Detective: I've returned your stolen things, Mr. Duffing, and I figured out how the thief got inside. It wasn't a perfect crime after all. Not even close.

Lionel Duffing: Yes, I know. Daisy just confessed to me that she found another kitten and took it home. The cat must have escaped, pushing the window open.

Detective: The girl has a heart of gold, but it might be wise to talk to her about all the animals she brings home.

Detective: Maybe you should have one of those cat flaps installed?

Lionel Duffing: I definitely will. Thanks for help!

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