"The mayor has a task force ready to crack down on the sugar mob - but Judge Harshfield needs a probable cause."


Alphonse Covet: Good to see you, detective. I've got a job for you. How do you feel about cracking down on the sugar mob? I've got men ready, just need some definite proof.

Detective: I'm all about taking down the bad guys, sir. But don't you think you're fighting the result, not the cause? Maybe it's time to lighten the sugar ban?

Alphonse Covet: You need to see the bigger picture, son. Candy abuse shouldn't be taken lightly. It takes a heavy toil on health and well-being of our people.

Alphonse Covet: Don't let your soft heart cloud your judgement. Candy abuse shouldn't be taken lightly. It takes a heavy toil on health and well-being of our people.

Alphonse Covet: Until the ban is strictly enforced, we won't be able to focus on fixing the damage done by candy. And when that's fixed, maybe we'll actually be able to lighten the ban.

Detective: I see. So what's the plan on enforcing it?

Alphonse Covet: I thought you'd never ask. Like I said, we need some final evidence to set things in motion. Commissioner Valentino will walk you through the details.


Detective: So tell me, commissioner. Why me, and not other people?

James Valentino: We can't exactly arrest or wire-tap someone without a warrant, and we have a prime target, a middle-ranked gangster named Rory Breaker. We want his boss on a plate.

Detective: So you need me to follow Breaker and find some dirt on his boss?

James Valentino: Exactly. If we can get enough evidence, we'll get a warrant for both Breaker and his superior.

  • Thief: 5 lockpicks
  • 7 fingerprints
  • 3 photos
  • 2 maps
  • Thief: 5 lockpicks
  • 4 maps

Detective: It looks like Breaker is meeting someone. I need to know what the are talking about.

Rory Breaker: The shipment will be arriving soon. Is the safe-house prepared?

Rufus Sefirosu: Apparently there was a change of plans. The boss wants the stuff at his place.

Rory Breaker: Not again! First we can't ship it to Dock 12, and now this! We gotta get going, then. You'll fill me on the way.

Detective: Bingo. I've got to tail those two criminals, discreetly.

City search: Express DeliveryEdit

Detective: I need to stake out the transaction - find out how the cargo is reaching the city, and then follow it to Breaker's boss.

The candy shipment is:

  • not more than 3 from an airport
  • more than 1 from hotels
  • more than 1 from warehouses
  • more than 1 from ports
  • more than 1 from gas stations
  • more than 1 from airports
  • more than 1 from cafés
  • On the map there are 3 warehouses
  • On the map there are 2 ports
  • On the map there are 2 cafés

There are candies in (5,1), (4,4)

Candy Crackdown (City Search, solution)

Solution: (9,3)

Detective: They're unloading it from a plane. Looks like Dock 12 isn't a viable channel since I took down the Canuck connection. Now let's see where it goes.

Crime scene search: Upping the Ante.Edit

Detective: They moved the shipment to this casino. It probably belongs to one of the sugar bosses but I've got to find some solid proof for the commissioner.

In the lobby, there's 1 casino chip in the left window.

In the southeast part of the casino, there's 1 casino chip on the left table

In the northeast part of the casino, there are $10 in the rightmost jackpot

In the bar, there's a universal key on the desk

In storage, there's 2 candies and port mints in the crates

In security, there's a safecracker's kit in the closet, and a mugshot on the billboard

In the casino cage, there's a restraining order on the billboard

In the east office, there's a water map in the right shelving

Examine the lever in the east office, a hidden door will open.

Candy Crackdown crime scene

In the secret room, cut the green wire.

Candy Crackdown (crime scene search, deactivate alarm)

Examine the picture in the room past the secret one, open the locked safe.

Solution: The green paper

Bild 3

Detective: This looks like the deed to the casino. Hmmm. On paper the venture is owned by some fly-by-night company, but I probably can track down the real owner.

Suspect identification: Meeting the Boss.Edit

Detective: I just have to connect a name to the casino deed, and Valentino will have probable cause for his warrant.

Candy Crackdown (Witnesses, solution)

Solution: Tony Malone

Tony Malone: How splendid. The famous gumshoe is investigating my humble person. May I inquire, why?

Detective: I'm not at liberty to tell, Mr. Malone.

Tony Malone: You won't be at liberty to do anything, if you disregard me.

Detective: Don't even try to intimidate me. Mayor Covet has my back. You'll be in jail by sundown.

Tony Malone: Good. I need to work on my... what's the phrase? "Street cred". And my lawyers will make the charges to go away by sunrise.

Tony Malone: And thank you for identifying you employer. I'll be keeping an eye on both of you.


Alphonse Covet: The Commissioner told me that you connected the infamous gentleman Malone to the candy smuggling operation. Splendid, just splendid!

Detective: Well, Mr. Malone is adamant that he'll leave jail no time.

Alphonse Covet: Of course he will. It'll take a long time to build a case against Malone. But he can't hide behind his lawyers forever. That's why we need to remain vigilant on our post.

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