There are many key characters in the storyline of Another Case Solved. The character dialogue is slightly skewed depending on if your character is a man or a woman.

Default detectivesEdit


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Ray SpadeEdit

Male detective.

Agatha BeckettEdit

Female detective.

Female Characters Edit

Lucy GordonEdit

A police officer, and your police contact. If playing as a male detective, he will flirt with her throughout the story.

Pola ChapelleEdit


Patience de MondeEdit

Widow, 79 years old.

Daisy DuffingEdit

Daughter of Lionel Duffing, 7 years old. Likes cats.

Maya IdoruEdit

Pop singer. Bravucci's friend.

Betty MaydayEdit

Jack Calltrain's fiancée. Likes jazz.

Miguela Lawless Edit

Owns a restaurant.

Rei Idoru Edit

Hannah Gardner Edit

Margaret White Edit

Male CharactersEdit

Alphonse CovetEdit

Mayor. Created a city-wide sugar prohibition. Behind the shooting of Paul Litzer.

Joss HarshfieldEdit

Judge dealing out intense punishment for sugar-related crime.

Leonardo McLeanEdit

A thief and your underground contact. If playing as a female detective, he will flirt with her through the storyline.

James ValentinoEdit

Police commissioner.

John BravucciEdit

Actor, 39 years old. Has a gambling habit. Will flirt with you if playing as female detective.

Paul Litzer Edit

Journalist, 63 years old. He is Pola's father.

Lionel DuffingEdit

Attorney, 43 years old. Daisy Duffing's father, widower.

Sam Lowry Edit

Stanley Ditto Edit

Bob Martens Edit

Works at a hospital.

Jack Calltrain Edit

Betty's fiancee, also likes jazz.

Jack White Edit

Henry White Edit

Humphrey McGuffin Edit

Marcus Sachs Edit

Perry J. Jameson Edit

Martin Sugarstein Edit

Mario Delgadillo Edit

Alfred Abronsius Edit

Bob Chabon Edit


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