"My city hall friend had a problem with his wife, Jill. I don't do divorces. The only option left was to rescue their marriage."


Sam Lowry: Uh, hi there, detective. Could you spare a moment?

Detective: Sure thing. What's the matter, another calamity in the city hall?

Sam Lowry: No, not at all. It's a... personal matter. Me and my wife, well... we're not getting along lately.

Sam Lowry: Uh, hello. It's Sam Lowry. I need your expertise.

Detective: Sure. What do you need a detective for?

Sam Lowry: Frankly, I need to talk to a woman I trust. Me and my wife, well... we're not getting along lately.

Detective: I don't do divorces.

Sam Lowry: No, no! I want to fix it. You will help me save my marriage, right? Please!


Detective: Okay, I need to figure out what is the problem between Sam and Jill. I have my suspicions...

  • 5 magnifiers
  • 3 fingerprints
  • 3 photos
  • 3 maps
  • 1 knuckle
  • 3 footprints
  • 3 photos

Detective: Just as I thought... Jill considers Sam a bit too wimpy. I guess, we need a situation where Lowry could show his strength and courage.

Suspect identification: A Helping HandEdit

Detective: I know it's a weird request Leo, but I need your help to save someone's marriage. I need to hire a lowlife crook. Someone frail and wimpy, preferably with acting skills.

Leonardo McLean: Putting on some kind of a show? Well, let me see... maybe I know someone like that. But what will I get in return?

Detective: Uh, I dunno. If you ever wind up in a jail, I'll break you out of it. Now, can you help me or not?

Detective: I'll probably regret this, but... Leo, I need your help to save someone's marriage and to do that I need to hire a lowlife crook. Someone frail and wimpy, preferably with acting skills.

Leonardo McLean: Putting on some kind of a show? Maybe I know someone like that... but it'll cost you. A date with a thief in return for saving a marriage. Seems fair, doesn't it?

Detective: Leo, you have lot of nerve... Ok. You'll have your "date", but on my terms. And now, your end of the deal...

Screenshot 2014-07-19-17-41-23

Solution: Harry Hatter

Leonardo McLean: Oh, yes, this guy. Harry Hatter. He's as lousy as you can get. A very bad pickpocket, a terrible burglar and he probably couldn't hurt a fly.

Detective: Exactly what I had in mind! Thanks, Leo, I'm on my way to find him.

Detective: That's what I need. You'll have your date, then.

City search: Part-time CrookEdit

Detective: Apparently Hatter is such a bad thief, he works honest jobs around the city to make a living. I need to find him quickly for the whole masquerade.

The crook you are looking for was seen:

  • in the distance of 1 from railways
  • not more than 2 from water
  • exactly 2 from a port
  • more than 2 from warehouses
  • On the map there are 2 warehouses
Screenshot 2014-07-19-17-47-51

Solution: (8,7)

Detective: Looks like he found a job at the gas station.

Detective: Hi there, Harry. You have a certain reputation around the town, don't you?

Harry Hatter: A reputation of a failure, you mean. I've seen you chasing after big-time crooks, so why do you bother me, detective?

Detective: My friend, he wants to impress a lady. Stopping a burglar in front of her would do the trick. But being quite a frail type, he needs a frail thug as well.

Harry Hatter: So... a fake burglary? Sure, why not. I can use the money. But I need an easy access to the house I'm going to burglarize. I'm not good with lockpicks, you know.

Crime scene search: Easy AccessEdit

Detective: The plan goes like this: you take Jill outside. I enter your apartment and arrange an easy access for Harry. Maybe he can get inside through a window or ventilation shaft...

Sam Lowry: And what happens then?

Detective: Harry breaks into your apartment in the night. You try to overpower him. He'll put up a fight so that Jill won't notice it's all an act, but don't worry. He won't hurt you.

Screenshot 2014-07-19-18-32-54

Detective: What's this? A cracked window pane. If I remove this piece of glass, Harry will be able to easily reach the latch and open the window from the outside.


Sam Lowry: It worked like a charm! Harry's acting was superb! I almost thought he wanted to kill me, but I managed to kick him out of the apartment. Jill was so proud!

Sam Lowry: I must say, when I first saw him... well, he didn't seem so wimpy as you described him. Six feet tall, blonde hair, muscular...

Detective: Wait, what? Harry Hatter is five feet, frail and black haired. That wasn't him! That was some other burglar!

Sam Lowry: Oh. Oh my. I think I'm going to faint...


The description made by Sam Lowry and the mistake made by the burglar suggest that he might be Stan Kowalski.

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