Help needed, a woman of my heart is lost!

"I thought it was a case of kidnapping, but the lady my client was after turned out to be a comic book heroine. He was scammed and didn't get the comic."


Stanley Ditto: Help! I need you to find me the Nuclear Woman!

Detective: You sound shaken. Who is that lady?

Stanley Ditto: It's not a lady, but a rare comic book! I bought it from a mail-order vendor but never received the package!

Detective: I'll take care of it. But I must warn you - I'm not a superhero, I charge a fee for my work.


Detective: I've never read a Nuclear Woman comic. I think I'll need to ask around a bit.

  • 5 questions
  • 1 photo
  • 3 maps
  • 4 fingerprints
  • 2 photos
  • 3 magnifiers
  • 3 footprints

If you fail:

Detective: Oh my, what a bunch of nerds. Who cares if Nuclear Woman's superpowers are realistic or not? This case isn't for me.

If you win:

Detective: Comic book enthusiasts are great people! Now I should visit a few comic book stores.

Suspect identification: Sketching out the CulpritEdit

Detective: Hi. I need to find a certain comic book vendor dealing with mail-orders

Criss Mickleague: No problem. Hey, do you think I could write a comic strip about your case? It'd make a great laugh for the comic book community!

Detective: Sure. But I need to solve the case first!

Criss Mickleague: Sure! You know, you would make a great character in a graphic novel, this medium loves strong female leads.

Detective: That's nice. Now let's get to work!

Screenshot 2014-07-14-16-47-30

Solution: Bill Kane

If you fail:

Criss Mickleague: That's useless, man. If I write a comic strip about it, the people will be laughing at you, for sure.

Detective: I had better days. But the hunt isn't over, yet!

Criss Mickleague: That's useless. And I thought you were a great role model for a graphic novel!

Detective: I prefer graphic novels.

If you win:

Criss Mickleague: It's this guy, Bill Kane! One of those artistic types. Give me a call after you find him, OK?

Detective: Sure, I'm on it!

Criss Mickleague: It's this guy, Bill Kane! He's an artist. You could ask him to make a detective character based on you.

Detective: I'll have to find him first.

City search: Outlining the SurroundingsEdit

Detective: So, where does an artist live? A mansion by the sea? A fashionable loft apartment?

The comic book artist lives:

  • exactly 2 from a factory
  • not more than 1 from a café
  • exactly 2 from a train station
Screenshot 2014-07-14-16-51-34

Solution: (2,5)

If you fail:

Detective: Maybe Bill Kane isn't as famous as I thought he would be.

If you win:

Detective: Post industrial building, perfect for a comic book artist. now let's take a look inside!

Crime scene search: Filling in the DetailsEdit

Detective: I need to find the Nuclear Woman. I wonder where a fan keeps his most precious comics?

Screenshot 2014-07-14-16-54-01

If you fail:

Bill Kane: What are you doing here? Leave immediately, or I'll call the police!

Detective: Whoops, wrong apartment. I'm leaving, sorry!

If you win:

Detective: Here's the comic, but there are a few pages missing. Luckily, I hear someone coming...

Detective: Hello, Kane. I came for the Nuclear Woman. You have some explaining to do. Where are the missing pages?

Bill Kane: My hamster ate them! Really! Please, don't tell Ditto -I still have a plan! I can redraw everything from memory!

Detective: I guess you don't have a choice, do you? Start drawing, now. And while I wait... do you have a good comic book I could read?

Detective: Good idea. And while you're on it, you could base a character on me. I can give you some tips...


If you fail:

Detective: I've got bad news. The comic is lost for good.

Stanley Ditto: Oh no! How will I be able to live without my Nuclear Woman?

Detective: I think you'll figure out something. There are plenty of comics in the sea.

If you win:

Stanley Ditto: Wow, you found her! My Nuclear Woman, how long have I waited for this moment!

Detective: I'm happy to hear tha...

Stanley Ditto: Look at the art! Those curves. The funny one-liners! Is it some kind of a special edition? It's even better than I remembered!

Detective: I should go. Enjoy your comic. I'll send you a bill!

Stanley Ditto: Look at the art! Those curves. The Nuclear Woman is even more beautiful than I remembered.

Detective: That's really nice of you. Enjoy your comic!

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