A burglary case which appears ordinary turns out to be just the tip of the iceberg.

"Maya's mansion has been robbed despite having the best security - and I needed to know how."


Maya Idoru: My dear detective, I require your immediate assistance. My residence has been robbed.

Detective: When did it happen?

Maya Idoru: This evening, during my concert. A lot of my valuables are missing.

Detective: I understand. I'll be there right away.


Maya Idoru: I'll tell you all about it. After the concert, I came back home with my sister. We noticed a lot of things missing. I called you immediately to avoid a scandal.

Detective: I see. Was the mansion protected from burglary?

Maya Idoru: Yes. I had the latest security systems installed. I don't have the slightest idea how the thief bypassed them.

Detective: Hmmm. Another high-profile burglary. Is this a coincidence? I'll need to interview the witnesses first.

  • 4 photos
  • 3 maps
  • 2 fingerprints
  • 2 photos
  • 3 maps
  • 2 fingerprints

If you fail:

Detective: I haven't got the slightest idea how the burglar did it, and the eye-witness statements were useless. Who was that burglar... a ghost?

If you win:

Detective: It looks like the alarms didn't go off. The burglar must have disabled them. Either from the outside, or... the inside.

Maya Idoru: What are you suggesting? Only I knew the code to the security system. Even my sister didn't have an access to it.

Detective: Well that means there's only one way to find out how the burglar did it.

Crine scene search: Alarming PerformanceEdit

Detective: You need to do something for me. Turn on the alarms.

Maya Idoru: A surprising move. Could you be more clear with your intentions?

Detective: That's the only way I can deduce how the burglar managed to get inside and steal your valuables. Ok, flip the switch on my mark!

Screenshot 2014-08-08-21-48-13

If you fail:

Detective: This is impossible. Nobody could by-pass those alarms. I'm facing a ghost!

If you win:

Detective: What's this? Some sort of weird gizmo. It doesn't look like it's working at the moment. Hmmm...

Detective: I have a hunch this is the same hi-tech gizmo Carl stole from a person called Williams.

City search: Nuts and Bolts.Edit

Detective: I need to find Williams. Who could it be? A scientist, doctor or professor of some kind? Maybe I should ask around the university.

Jade Williams is:

  • in the distance of 1 from water
  • not on parks
  • more than 2 from the stadium
  • more than 1 from railways
  • more than 1 from a restaurant
  • not more than 5 from a restaurant
  • On the map there are 2 restaurants

There are candies in (9,3)

Screenshot 2014-08-08-21-51-47

Solution: (2,4)

If you fail:

Detective: It seems this Williams person just vanished.

If you win:

Detective: Excuse me, are you doctor Williams? I think I have something that belongs to you.

Jade Williams: Oh my! You found my high-frequency emitter!

Detective: I took it from a burglar. Do you know why would a criminal want to use such a device?

Jade Williams: Well, when turned to full power, it might disturb complex electronic systems.

Detective: Like top-notch security alarms?

Jade Williams: Quite possibly. But it's the only existing model as far as I know. It must've been invaluable to the crook.

Suspect identification:Edit

Detective: Doctor Williams' expertise gave me an idea. The device seems to be unique, and the thief will probably come looking for it. I just need to watch Idoru's mansion closely.

Screenshot 2014-08-08-21-52-51

Solution: Cecilia Kyle

If you fail:

Detective: The burglar must've noticed me. My ambush is useless now.

If you win:

Detective: Well, well. Who do we have here. You came here for the device?

Cecilia Kyle: Oh darn it! Give it back! If I won't return it, they'll kill me! I was told to return it after I robbed the mansion and the car repair shop!

Detective: Who'll kill you?

Cecilia Kyle: You don't know anything, do you? There are powerful people behind it all, you can't even imagine! Please, we'll both regret it if you won't let me go with the device!

Detective: I'm calling your bluff, darling. Besides, you'll be safe behind bars, and I'm willing to take my chances.


If you fail:

Detective: I'm sorry, Miss Idoru, but I failed to catch the burglar.

Maya Idoru: That's a pity. But those were just soulless objects of little importance. My career - that's what matters the most.

If you win:

Maya Idoru: You caught the burglar. Splendid! I knew I could count on you!

Detective: Thank you, Miss Idoru, but it's not over yet. I don't think the girl was working alone. She got that device from her boss, who in turn ordered it stolen by the museum gang.

Detective: There might be someone behind all of this. A mastermind who equips and trains petty thieves.

Maya Idoru: How incredible! I hope you'll follow up on this theory.

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