Daisy Duffing is a girl who likes cats.

Appearances Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

Lost Lamb (1-1) Edit

She asks a detective to find a lost cat.

Fleeing Feline (1-2) Edit

The detective calls her,and finds out that her cat was one of Patience de Monde's cats.

Disappearing Daughter (1-10) Edit

Her father, Lionel Duffing, asks the detective to find her.

Chapter 2, 3, 4 Edit

Daisy has no appearances in these chapters.

Chapter 5 Edit

Worrisome Wedding (5-5)Edit

She calls the detective because she suspects that someone is trying to sabotage Jack Calltrain and Betty Mayday's wedding.

Bonus Edit

Daisy has no appearance in this chapter.

Relationships Edit

She is the daughter of Lionel Duffing.

Trivia Edit

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