"Someone was blackmailing Lucy, trying to play out the donut angle. What a stupid idea: messing with the girl I like."

"Someone was blackmailing Lucy, trying to play out the donut angle. I don't like it when someone messes with my friends."


Lucy Gordon: You double crossing gumshoe! First you help me, and then you blackmail me?!

Detective: I would do many things for money, but I'd never blackmail a girl like you... What I would do, is to offer you my servicres to catch the blackmailer.

Lucy Gordon: I might've overreacted. The facts are, that someone demands money or the chief of police will receive proof that I have a sugar habit. Here's the letter I got.

Lucy Gordon: How could you tell anyone about the donuts? I confided in you as a friend, and I return, I end up with a blackmail letter at my doorstep!

Detective: I work double as hard to prove that a woman can do a detective's job, and you accuse me of petty gossip? That's harsh coming from a woman in uniform.

Lucy Gordon: I'm sorry! I overreacted. The facts are, that someone demands money or the chief of police will receive proof that I have a sugar habit. Here's the letter I got.

Detective: I'll track down the blackmailer. You should keep it cool. We don't want to scare him into doing something stupid, like revealing what he knows to your boss.


Detective: The only clue I have is a letter from the blackmailer. I need to study it carefully.. and avoid the attention of cops. That's the last thing Lucy would want.

  • 10 magnifiers
  • 3 fingerprints
  • 3 photos
  • 1 police badge
  • Policeman: 5 donuts
  • 3 questions
  • 3 maps
  • 5 footprints

Detective: Looks like blackmailer knows a lot about your visits to the donut shop. Let's take a look there. Maybe the owner of the donut shop spotted someone suspicious?

Lucy Gordon: I don't want to be seen there! You need to head over there by yourself.

Suspect identification: Asking Too Many QuestionsEdit

Detective: Could I ask you a favor on behalf one of your clients? Was there a person here, in the last few days, that asked about officer Gordon?

Oprah Klein: As a matter of fact, yes. I saw him talking with some cops and the name Gordon caught my ear. Let me describe him to you...

Screenshot 2014-07-16-17-06-25

Solution: Kevin McGee

Detective: It looks like this man was trailing Lucy for some time now. I need to get back to Lucy.

City search: My Eyes On YouEdit

Lucy Gordon: Wait. You're saying some guy had eyes on me for weeks and I didn't notice that?

Detective: Yeah, that's weird, isn't it? how could that possibly happen!

Lucy Gordon: He probably was hiding somewhere near the donut shop. Somewhere where he could track my every move without being seen...

Detective: Yeah... that's what I meant. There must have been a guy you overlooked.

Detective: Girl, you need to get a life! You don't even notice the guys around you.

Lucy Gordon: Bad guys, you mean. I'm not so keen on dating a creepy blackmailer. And I thought crooks were more in your type, huh?

Detective: You mean that McLean? He's just a contact, that's all. It's strictly business, really.

The blackmailer was seen:

  • not more than 2 from the stadium
  • exactly 3 from a restaurant
  • exactly 3 from a landmark
  • not more than 1 from a post office
  • not on water
  • On the map there are 1 restaurant

There are candies in (8,4), (3,2), (7,1)

Screenshot 2014-07-16-17-14-24

Solution: (6,6)

Detective: It seems he was renting an apartment across the street with the windows facing the cafe. Disturbingly professional.

Crime scene search: A Rat's NestEdit

Lucy Gordon: Something's still bothering me about the blackmailer. His description seems oddly familiar.

Detective: Then we need to check out the apartment for clues about his identity. Maybe an ID or something like that?

Screenshot 2014-07-16-17-16-49

Lucy Gordon: This is why the description sounded familiar! He's a cop from my precinct! I had him just under my nose!

Detective: You never seem to notice the men aroud you.

Detective: See, told you. You should reconsider your priorities, Lucy. Take a while to look around.


Lucy Gordon: I came clean with my boss. I wanted to hand over my badge, but he insisted that I should stay on the force. McGee wasn't so lucky. He was dishonorably discharged from the force.

Detective: He got what he deserved. Speaking of which, shouldn't you take a break? Spend some time off with your friends... or someone important to you.

Lucy Gordon: The only thing that's important for me is my job. It's really hard to be a female cop, and I have to work extra to prove my worth. That's why this blackmail case was so hard for me.

Lucy Gordon: Last time a guy tried flirting with me, he turned out working for the mob, so I had to shoot him. So, yeah, my private life is just peachy.

Detective: Note to self: when flirting with Lucy, wear a bulletproof vest. But at least she's[sic] doesn't have a boyfriend, so that's a start!

Detective: So, what now? Are your ready to take a break?

Lucy Gordon: I had some time to think about what you said. I'm sorry I was angry at you, you were right. And you're a friend.

Lucy Gordon: So why don't we go for a coffee, and you'll tell me about that actor, Bravucci? Or "that McLean" as you called him?

Detective: Great, I walked right into that... Well, maybe Lucy isn't the only one who needs her priorities set straight.

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