The detective is the protagonist of the game. The default Male name is Ray Spade, while the default female name is Agatha Beckett.

Plot Edit

The Detective is your avatar that you will use to go through the game/chapters.

In Engaging Epilogue the detective will get engaged to Lucy Gordon or Leonardo McLean spending on the gender you pick at the start of the game.

Trivia Edit

  • Ray Spade could be a reference to Sam Spade, the protagonist of Dashiell Hammett's novel, The Maltese Falcon, and Raymond Chandler, creator of Philip Marlowe, who was largely based on Sam Spade.
  • Agatha Beckett could be a reference to Agatha Christie, a famous female mystery author, and Kate Beckett, one of the main protagonist of ABC's crime series Castle.
  • When playing as the male character, Lucy Gordon will be his love interest.
  • When playing as the Female character, Leonardo McLean will be her love interest.