Something is rotten in a weight loss camp.

"My client's son has been sent to a weight loss camp, and did not return letters. I was hired to check if everything was ok."


Margaret White: Detective, you need to help me with a family crisis! My son, he went away for a weight-loss camp. And now he's not responding to my letters. I'm afraid something happened to him.

Margaret White: It's all my fault, really. I shouldn't have urged him to go. It's just... he's a bit overweight, and I was afraid he'll have a problem with getting a girlfriend, making new friends...

Detective: I understand. There was no ill will on your side, just motherly care. I'll try to help.

Margaret White: Just try to avoid the topic with my husband, alright? He always opposed the diet camp idea!


Detective: I need to gather information about Mrs. White's son, Jack, and the weight-loss camp. But I should watch out - asking too many questions about the diet camp might rise the suspicion of the sugar-ban authorities.

  • 3 photos
  • 2 fingerprints
  • Policeman: 5 donuts
  • 1 knuckle
  • 4 maps
  • 2 fingerprints
  • 3 photos

If you fail:

Detective: Mr. White, I need some information. Maybe you could cast light on your son's decisions?

Henry White: You are the gumshoe my wife hired? I'm not paying for this madness! I'll ask you to leave now.

If you win:

Detective: Hmmm. It appears that both Jack and his father Henry opposed the idea, but suddenly they changed their minds about it and Jack enrolled in the camp. Something's fishy.

City search: Camp Delta-India-Echo-TangoEdit

Detective: The camp is located somewhere on this island. Probably somewhere remote. I should get there without attracting attention.

The diet camp is:

  • not more than 2 from a museum
  • not more than 2 from a warehouse
  • more than 2 from ports
  • exactly 4 from a landmark
  • On the map there are 2 ports
Screenshot 2014-07-27-21-29-26

Solution: (3,5)

If you fail:

Detective: This island isn't as small as I thought, and the people behind the camp definitely don't want it to be found.

If you win:

Detective: Here it is. Guarded almost like a fortress...

Crime scene search: Where Gumshoes DareEdit

Detective: I need to infiltrate the compound and find clues about Jack White. I assume I can find him by locating one of the letters his mum sent him.

Screenshot 2014-07-27-21-13-02

If you fail:

Detective: What's that? Sirens? Oh no, someone must've seen me. I need to get out!

If you win:

Detective: What's this? Why is one of Margaret's letters lying in the office? Someone wrote an annotation that Jack White never made it to the camp. I need to find him, fast!

Suspect identification: Diet Camp Cover-upEdit

Detective: Your son wasn't at the camp, ma'am. Do you have any idea where he could've went? Maybe you remember any details about his departure?

Margaret White: I remember somebody picked him up on his way to the camp. Someone his age.

Detective: Great! If you describe the person to me, I'll be able to figure out what happened to Jack.

Screenshot 2014-07-27-21-17-37

Solution: Kate Lopez

If you fail:

Detective: Ugh, I was close! Without that person, I won't be able to find Jack.

If you win:

Detective: A girl. Hmmm. I think I know the reason behind this commotion, and I still hadn't the chance to interrogate one, key witness.

Detective: Mr. White! Jack never went to a weight-loss camp, didn't he? You knew all about it. Who was that girl who left with Jack?

Henry White: All right, you got me. He decided to move out. We planned it all from the beginning so Jack could go and live together with his girlfriend. His mum is sometimes a bit... overprotective.

Detective: Just like I thought. Now, if you could kindly call Jack and ask him to come home, we could sort all of this mess.


If you fail:

Detective: I'm sorry, Mrs. White, but I did everything I could. If Jack wants to contact you, I'm sure he will send you a message. I don't think anything serious happened to him.

Margaret White: I hope you're right. Oh, how I miss my little boy!

If you win:

Jack White: I'm sorry for all the commotion, detective. I was going to tell my mum... someday. We thought she wasn't ready for that kind of news. But in the end, she was actually very happy when I told her the truth!

Detective: That's great! Good luck with your girlfriend, Jack. And don't forget to visit your parents from time to time.

I'm glad you finally decided to act likie a man. All the best to you and Kate!


If the case is failed at the puzzle part, the detective's and Henry White's dialogues are in a thinking bubble. This is probably a developer oversight.

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