"Mrs de Monde asked me to deliver a jewel-box to her bank deposit. The catch was, I needed to do it without anyone knowing."


Patience de Monde: Could you assist me, my dear? I possess some priceless jewelry and that last incident made me realize it's not very safe. It's currently being repaired at a jeweler, but I need to deposit it in a bank.

Detective: Mr. Sachs runs the First City Bank. It would be a good place to try.

Patience de Monde: Well yes, and no. I heard that you fixed some security leaks at the bank, but I'm not really sure it solved Sachs' problem. I do want to deposit the jewelry at the bank, but I still want to have an ace up my sleeve.

Detective: So what's your ace, Mrs. de Monde?

Patience de Monde: Secrecy. I need you to enter the bank undetected and leave the jewelry box in my deposit without anyone noticing. It's the first row, in the middle section.

Detective: I'm happy to have your confidence, Mrs. de Monde, but it doesn't sound like a trivial task. I need to see if it's actually possible.


Detective: Breaking into a bank to deposit something instead of stealing it. It really sounds like an interesting case. I better check if it's really doable.

  • 4 fingerprints
  • 2 photos
  • 3 maps
  • 2 photos
  • 3 maps
  • 2 photos

Detective: I think I have a plan. First, I need to get the jewels. Then, I need to find a bank employee with an access to the deposit boxes. I'll tell the employee that I'm performing another security check.

Patience de Monde: That's a splendid idea! I'll give you directions to the jeweler. The poor thing, he left his workshop and is hiding somewhere to avoid burglars.

City search: Shiny!Edit

Detective: Mrs. De Monde told me the jeweler is hiding somewhere to avoid burglars. How odd. Oh well, I need to find him.

The jeweler is:

  • exactly 2 from a club
  • more than 1 from press buildings
  • more than 1 from pubs
  • more than 2 from ports
  • more than 2 from offices
  • On the map there are 2 clubs
  • On the map there are 2 press buildings

Solution: (7,5)

Detective: Excuse me, do you have the jewels?

Duke Classon: Oh no, you're one of those thieves! Please, take the jewelry, just don't hurt me! It's in the box!

Detective: Relax, my friend. I was sent here by the owner to pick it up. Just give me the box and I'll and be on my way.

Suspect identification: Social EngineeringEdit

Detective: Now I need to find a gullible bank employee who'll let me into the deposit area.

Solution: Erika Fanner

Detective: Excuse me, Mrs. Fanner? You remember me, don't you?

Erika Fanner: Oh yes, uh... I do?

Detective: I'm the security consultant hired by Mr. Sachs. I did a checkup of the upper area of the bank, but I still need a visit downstairs.

Erika Fanner: You mean the vault? I can't open that...

Detective: No, not the vault, just the deposit area. I need to check if everything is OK.

Erika Fanner: Oh. I'll turn off the alarms. Just wait here.

Crime scene search: DownstairsEdit

Detective: All right. Mrs de Monde told me there's and[sic] old letter in her deposit. That's how I'll identify the right drawer. Luckily she gave me her key.

When you find the solution:

Detective: A letter to Patience de Monde. This is her drawer. I should just place the box and be on my way.


Detective: I managed to place the box in your deposit, just like you wanted.

Patience de Monde: I hope no-one saw you. Those jewels are a memento of my late husband. They're probably worth more than all the riches in that bank. If any burglar got wind that you deposited them inside...

Detective: Don't worry, Mrs de Monde. Nobody had a clue what I was really doing there. Your jewels are safe.

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