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"The Party of Sea Anglers is fighting the Sea Angling Party is the race for president of the Sea Angling Association."


Bob Chabon: Hi, it's me, Bob. We met at the docks. You've dealt with elections before, right? We've got a real pickle here!

Bob Chabon: I'm representing the Party of Sea Anglers and we're trying to win the race for president of the Sea Angling association.

Bob Chabon: But the Sea Angling Party is playing dirty. They want their candidate elected as well.

Detective: So the... glorious PSA is going against the evil SAP in a deadly crash which will shape the future of sea angling in the city.

Bob Chabon: You're a quick learner, I'll give you that! Not many people get the difference between PSA and SAP!


Detective: To be honest, I haven't heard about either the PSA or the SPA. I mean SAP. Whatever! I need to hit the streets to get some info.

  • 3 maps
  • Policeman: 5 donuts
  • 3 maps
  • 4 photos
  • 4 fingerprints
  • Policeman: 5 donuts
  • 2 photos

Detective: Huh. Everything with SAP seems to be in order... except one detail. The SAP has some unacounted expenses. Maybe I should follow the money trail?

City search: Gutenberg GoodsEdit

Detective: It looks like it was an anonymous payment to one of the companies in this area. I need to check out which one.

The company is:

  • in the distance of 1 from railways
  • more than 2 from gas stations
  • more than 1 from pubs
  • more than 1 from post offices
  • more than 1 from shops
  • more than 1 from water
  • more than 1 from warehouses
  • not on prisons
  • On the map there are 2 gas stations
  • On the map there are 4 pubs
  • On the map there are 2 post offices
  • On the map there are 2 shops
  • On the map there are 4 warehouses

There are candies in (10,8)

Solution: (4,4)

Detective: A printing office. Hmmm. This is the same company which printed the ballot papers for the angling association.

Suspect identification: Fish Out of the WaterEdit

Detective: I can't check what the SPA ordered, but I can check who picks it up.

Solution: Wu Madou

Detective: Wu Madou is a member of the association's electoral commission.

Detective: It looks like she only picked up the ballot papers... but isn't that a bit too much ballots for such a small association?

Crime scene search: Who Counts the Votes?Edit

Detective: The polling station opens soon. I need to check where are those extra ballot papers brought in by Madou!

When you find the solution:

Detective: Bob, I've got hard evidence that the ballots were rigged by Wu Madou in favour of SPA, ready to be added to the rest.

Bob Chabon: Great, we've got them! I'll tell the electoral commission's chairman and spread the word acrolss all the association. The PSA will win for sure!


Bob Chabon: Oh, what a disaster! We lost the election!

Detective: Really? What happened, Bob? Who won?

Bob Chabon: The Oceanic Angler's Coalition!

Detective: ... what?

Bob Chabon: Everybody voted for OAC because people couldn't tell PSA and SAP apart!

Detective: Wow. Just wow. I mean, uh... how is that even possible?

Bob Chabon: I know, right? But don't worry, I'm a man of my word. I'll send you the check.

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