A friendly doctor needs help with an unusual emergency.

"A patient disappeared from a hospital, an old timer with a bad temper and no family to care for him. What to say, I took the case."


Bob Martens: Do you have a minute? The hospital I work for is seriously understaffed right now, and we have an extra problem on our hands.

Bob Martens: One of our patients went missing recently. The name is Leo Forester. With all the work, we never noticed until it was too late.

Detective: That sounds disturbing. I'm on my way to find him.


Detective: Doc Martens was to[sic] busy to fill me in, so I'll just ask around the patients and staff instead.

  • 5 magnifiers
  • 4 fingerprints
  • 3 photos
  • 3 questions
  • 1 police badge
  • 3 photos
  • 3 maps

If you fail:

Detective: There are too many files in here. I don't even know where to start.

If you win:

Detective: Leo Forester is an old bloke with a bad knee. They placed him in ward 6.

Suspect identification: A Healthy LookEdit

Detective: With the Witnesses' description, I can identify Leo Forester.

Screenshot 2014-07-16-15-33-48

If you fail:

Detective: Great. How am I supposed to find Leo if I don't know what he looks like?

If you win:

Detective: He's a sprightly old-timer, if you ask me. No wonder he managed to run off.

Crime scene search: A House CallEdit

Detective: Some patients mentioned that Forester had old photos he liked to look at when no one was watching. That'd make a great lead.

Screenshot 2014-07-16-15-37-07

If you fail:

Detective: No luck. I better leave before the nurse kicks me out.

If you win:

Detective: A photo from a golf tournament, with Leo swinging a golf club. It seems he once was a passionate golfer.

City search: Fresh AirEdit

Detective: I assume Leo Forester is somewhere in this area. But where exactly? I need to keep my eyes open.

Leo Forrester[sic] has been seen:

  • not more than 3 from a theater
  • not more than 1 from a landmark
  • exactly on a golf club
  • On the map there are 2 landmarks
  • On the map there are 3 golf clubs

There are candies in (8,8)

Screenshot 2014-07-16-16-16-13

Solution: (5,5)

If you fail:

Detective: He's not here. This area is just to[sic] big to search on my own. I need to get back to the hospital.

If you win:

Leo Forester: You must be the kid thay hired to drag me back to the hospital, huh?

Detective: I wouldn't put it that way, but yes. Why did you ran[sic] away?

Leo Forester: Ran, huh? I can barely walk! But I still managed to win the Golden Ball golf trophy, despite what those doctors said!

Detective: I really admire your determination, Mr Forester, but we need to go back to the hospital now.

Leo Forester: Of course I'm going back! I fulfilled my dream and my knee is killing me. Give me a hand, will you.


If you fail:

Detective: I'm sorry doc, but I just can't find him.

Bob Martens: Well, I, uh... I just found him in his bed. But he doesn't want to say what happened to him!

Detective: You better keep an eye on hi. I bet this will happen again.

If you win:

Bob Martens: You found him, splendid! But where did he go in the first place?

Detective: Let me put it this way: do you like golf, Dr. Martens?

Bob Martens: Why yes, of course. But frankly speaking, I'm terrible at it.

Detective: Then you had a great teacher right under your nose!

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