Like they say in Europe: It's the final countdown. You need to confront Covet and bring down his empire once and for all.

"Pola is eager to confront Covet, but you still need a good opportunity - possibly something high profile and public."


Detective: I've got it, Pola. It took me a while, but I've built a solid case against Covet. Your father's murder and Bravucci's involvement, Covet's candy factory and his campaign funded with laundered money. Everything in one file.

Pola Chapelle: Then what are we waiting for? Let's kick his...

Detective: But Pola, we can't just go to the mayor's office and confront Covet! He's ruthless. He'd order to kill us on the spot.

Pola Chapelle: We could go public! Hmmm... Theoretically, I could publish everything in Daily News, but people know the newspaper is against Covet, so they'll take everything with a grain of salt.

Detective: We need to look for an opportunity, then. C'mon, let's hit the streets!


Pola Chapelle: So, what kind of opportunity are we looking for?

Detective: We need something public and high profile.

  • 2 fingerprints
  • 4 photos
  • Photographer: 7 questions
  • 4 maps
  • 4 fingerprints
  • Policeman: 10 donuts
  • 4 photos
  • 2 fingerprints
  • 4 maps
  • Thief: 3 knuckles
  • 3 fingerprints
  • 3 maps

If you fail:

Detective: Covet is more secretive than I thought, and he definitely tries to avoid being in public as much as possible.

If you win:

Detective: I think I've got it! A journalist from the capital, one Louise Rowson, arranged an interview with Covet.

Pola Chapelle: She's an investigative journalist, one of the toughest watchdogs I've ever heard of! Her interview would be a perfect occasion to confront Covet!

City search: It's Prime TimeEdit

Detective: We need to find out where the interview is taking place.

Pola Chapelle: I'll ask at the Daily News, maybe someone heard something.

The interview will take place:

  • exactly 6 from a warehouse
  • in the distance of 1 from water
  • exactly 4 from a hotel
  • not on railways
  • not 2 from banks
  • not 2 from churches
  • not 3 from barbers
  • On the map there are 3 warehouses
  • On the map there are 4 hotels
Screenshot 2014-08-04-23-29-27

Solution: (6,11)

If you fail:

Detective: The interview probably started already. We missed our chance.

If you win:

Detective: We hit the jackpot, Pola! The interview will be broadcast live on television!

Pola Chapelle: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. And Covet's fall will top the viewer ratings!

Crime scene search: Going on AirEdit

Pola Chapelle: I'll stall Covet's arrival at the TV studio. Figure out a way to confront him!

Detective: Hmmm... If I try to interrupt Covet's interview, the security will kick me out in a jiffy. I need a way to take part in the interview!

Pola Chapelle: Good thinking! I'll try to sneak in and see the show. Good luck!

Screenshot 2014-08-05-12-50-59

If you fail:

Louise Rowson: Excuse me, who are you? What are you doing here?

Detective: I need to confront Covet on national television. I have proof that he is a killer! I have proof!

Louise Rowson: Yeah, right. You're another one of those loonies. Security! I need assistance over here!

If you win:

Louise Rowson: Excuse me, who are you? We're about to start a live broadcast!

Detective: Here's my guest pass. I was invited to take part in the debate with mayor Covet. I've got some tough questions to ask on behalf of the citizens

Louise Rowson: Tough questions, you say? Normally, I hate when the producers change something at the last minute, but I'll make an exception. Get ready, we're going on air in five minutes!

Suspect identification: Debatable FactsEdit

Alphonse Covet: I'm happy to be here with you, Louise, and all our lovely guests. I see you also invited one of the city's most controversial and devious figures.

Detective: Coming from a man like you, I'd take it for a compliment. I'm afraid your ruling days are done. You have blood on your hands, Covet.

Alphonse Covet: Strong words for a mercenary! But I assure my dear voters, I never hurt a fly!

Screenshot 2014-08-04-23-48-56

Solution: Paul Litzer

If you fail:

Detective: Well, I... ugh... he... and...

Alphonse Covet: Like I thought. You have nothing, just your crazy lies. This interview is over.

If you win:

Detective: And what about Paul Litzer, renowned journalist and editor of the Daily News? You shot him in cold blood from a .45 handgun.

Alphonse Covet: That's ridiculous. Paul Litzer died in a fire, everyone knows that. What proof do you have?

Detective: This will be harder than I thought. I need to confront Covet with all the evidence I gathered in earlier cases!

Detective: Who can link Covet to Litzer's murder?

Answer: John Bravucci

Detective: I have John Bravucci's testimony. You killed Litzer and then manipulated Bravucci to start the fire and thus cover up the crime scene. That's why you hired Mogilevich, an assassin, to get rid of Bravucci before he talks.

Alphonse Covet: That makes no sense. Why would I even want to kill Paul Litzer? Every killer has a motive!

Detective: What place was Litzer investigating?

City Search Question

Answer: the factory

Detective: You needed Paul Litzer gone, because he was close to figuring out the truth about your shady real estate deals. You leveled a couple of blocks to build an illegal candy factory, disguised as a soap manufacturing plant!

Alphonse Covet: I'm the most anti-sugar mayor in history! I've built my political capital on banning candy! Everyone in the city will tell you that! Why in the world would I deal with illegal candy?

Detective: Why Covet produces illegal candies?


Answer: the ledger

Detective: The sugar prohibition was a part of your plan all along. You created a demand for illegal candy, and then started selling your sweet product to finance the re-election campaign. It's all in your ledger.

Detective: You won't get away with this, Covet. Officer Gordon is bringing Mogilevich into police custody as we speak, and Sam Lowry just started an inspection at your factory. Oh, and that ledger? I have it right here.

Alphonse Covet: What?! You dirty little weasel! How could you embarrass me in front of my voters like that! You worked for me! Pola Chapelle called you my lapdog!

Detective: Pola Chapelle is here with me. She helped me build a case against you. And I don't work for you. I work only for the truth.


If you fail:

Pola Chapelle: Darn it, We were so close!

Detective: Have faith, Pola. We will try again, and again, and again, until Covet is defeated.

If you win:

Pola Chapelle: Thank you, detective. My father can finally rest in peace, his greatest investigation was finally brought to an successful end - by you! The sight of Covet being dragged away in handcuffs was a relief.

Detective: Don't mention it. I'm a gumshoe that is how I earn my money.

Pola Chapelle: I know you did it for the truth not the money. Being a chief editor of the Daily News can be tricky at times, but I learned my lesson. And I promised to clear your reputation, remember? How about an interview?

Detective: I think I had enough media exposure for one day. And I still have one more thing planned to do. I need to catch Lucy. See you later!

Detective: I think I had enough media exposure for one day. And I believe Leo has planned something for us. See you later!

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