Acting AtrociousAgent AcquisitionAlphonse Covet
Another Case Solved WikiAntagonistic AlliesBackstabbing Banker
Barber's BriefcaseBig TeaBomber Bait
Bombing the BallotBonus CasesBreaking the Bank
Brilliant BurglaryCandy CampaignCandy Crackdown
Carl JohnsonChaptersCity Map
Cleaner's ConfessionClerkly CalamitiesComic Casualties
Coming CatastropheCostly CoverCurious Circumstances
Daisy DuffingDangerous DonutsDetective
Disappearing DaughterDisastrous DietDisguised Deposit
Displaced DocumentsDonald DeckerDramatic Dining
Electorial EspionageEngaging EpilogEnigmatic Escape
EquipmentFishy FraudForgotten Fugitive
Francesco BattagliaFriendly FacesFuneral Face-off
FurnitureGangplank GangGrumpy Grandpa
Guilty GovernmentGustavo von RacheHazardous Habits
Headline HuntersHeadstrong HousewivesImpertinent Infiltration
Insidious InvestmentsIntro CasesJames Valentino
Jelly JobJittery JudgeJohn Bravucci
Leonardo McLeanLionel DuffingLobbyists' Lair
Looting the LadyLucy GordonMalicious Mobster
Marzipan MurderMayor's ManuscriptMichael Mauer
Miguela LawlessMinute MisdeedMissing Meatpie
Mouth-watering MedicineMurdering the MayorMuseum Menace
Mysterious MastermindMysterious MemorabiliaNewspaper Cases: City Search
Newspaper Cases: Crime Scene SearchNewspaper Cases: PuzzleNewspaper Cases: Suspect Identification
Newspaper NightmareNewspaper casesNewspaper endings
Nicole PravinskyOverwhelming OfficePatience de Monde
Paul LitzerPerky PromotionPerry J. Jameson
Picky PublisherPola ChapellePrized Pussycat
Problematic PastProhibited PiñatasProhibitionist Peril
Restricted ResearchRogue RecordingRory Breaker
Rough RetirementRustic RevenueSam Lowry
Soda SingerStanley DittoSuitable Scapegoat
Surprising SynthesisSuspicious StrikeSuspicious Syrup
Sweet SensationSweet SolitudeTedious Testament
Telly CaneTerrifying TrespasserTesting Tribute
ToolsTough TenantsTroublesome Thief
Valued VinylVanishing VisitorsVengeful Vampire
Voting VendettaWiki ContentWorrisome Wedding

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