Lucy Gordon is a police officer that first appeared in the case Police Provisions. She originally comes to get help finding a particular donut shop.

Later, Lucy is blackmailed in the case called Dangerous Donuts, the culprit trying to play out the donut angle. Originally, Lucy accuses the detective of spreading the information, but soon apologizes and pays to find who is blackmailing her. In the end, she comes clean about the donuts and stays on the police force.

In the case Sweet Solitude, she has been forced to go on a vacation and is morose about possibly missing the criminal they have been chasing and asks the detective to find out how the culprit had been avoiding the police. In the end, she captures him.

In the case Tough Tenants, the detective directs a criminal to Lucy's apartment, where Lucy apprehends the criminal.

When the detective is found holding a can of gasoline in the case called the Coming Catastrophe, Lucy is the one who briefly arrests the detective.

In Funeral Face-off, she talks to the detective when they find the business card from the insurance agency. In Rustic Revenue, she asks the detective to help her cousin, Sarah Gordon.

In Jittery Judge, if the case is failed in the crime scene search part, she tells the detective to leave the police station.

In Suspicious Syrup, she tells the detective to stay away from the case.

In Marzipan Murder, the detective finds her investigating Michael Mauer's murder.

In Antagonistic Allies, she tells the detective that she suspects Leonardo McLean has something to do with recent burglaries.

In Impertinent Infiltration, she arrests Leonardo McLean in the Mastermind's gang's hideout.

In Suitable Scapegoat, the detective asks her for help to release Leonardo McLean.

In Mysterious Mastermind, the detective tells her that Salomon Crane wasn't the mastermind. In the end, she talks to them after the chat with Patience de Monde.

In Voting Vendetta, the detective helps her investigate the murder of Telly Cane.

In Bomber Bait, she tells the detective about Tony Malone's arrest.

In Agent Acquisition, the detective calls her to tell her about Tony Malone's recruiting.

In Murdering the Mayor, she tells the detective that she got suspended after interfering with the investigation.

In Bombing the Ballot, she helps the detective find the Sugarbomber.

In Sweet Sensation, she talks to the detective after being reinstated.

In Problematic Past, the detective tells her about the events of the case.

In Enigmatic Escape, she tell the detective that John Bravucci escaped.

In Rough Retirement, she tells the detective that James Valentino is retiring.

In Forgotten Fugitive, the detective asks her if Patience de Monde left her house.

In Worrisome Wedding, she asks the detective about the events of the case.

In Cleaner's Confession, she records Ivan Mogilevich's confession.

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In Engaging Epilog, if playing as a male detective, she arrests him after finding him in the jewelry. In the end, he proposes to her. If playing as a female detective, she tells her that she suspects that Leonardo McLean is back into theft.

Lucy is the police contact that can be accessed with candies in order to find the solution to the puzzle when a minigame is failed.

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  • Walk on Sunshine

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Male Detective: The detective repeatedly tries to flirt with Lucy and get her to go on a date with him. Eventually, she becomes his girlfriend.

Female Detective: Lucy is the best friend of the detective.


Lucy Gordon is a real actress who committed suicide in 2009

It's possible that Lucy's last name have come from Commissioner James Gordon, a famous police officer in the DC Comic books.