The gang is behind bars, but the leader is still missing. Luckily, the trail is still hot.

"Lucy tried to dismay me from going after the elusive mastermind, but I didn't give up that easily."


Detective: Lucy, I need to talk to you. Salomon Crane wasn't the leader of the gang. We still need to find the mastermind.

Lucy Gordon: I hate to ask this queston again, but what evidence do you have? I trust you, but I need to act profesionally. You can't always depend on your gut feeling.

Lucy Gordon: Wait, hold on a second. What evidence do you have? I know that you're a hard-boiled gumshoe, but you can't always depend your gut feeling.

Detective: I don't have any evidence, and that's why I need you to help me. I need access to the bank, I...

Lucy Gordon: Please, don't make it harder. I'm the cop, not you. It's my duty to finish the investigation. You need to keep a low profile and stay away from the bank. It's for your own good.


Detective: Lucy should know by now that I don't give up easily.

Pola Chapelle: Hey, hot shot! you promised me the information about the mastermind case! Mr. Jameson is pushing me, so I could kill for a first-page material right now.

Detective: The police are convinced that Salomon Crane was the mastermind. Talk with Gordon and maybe she'll throw the press a bone.

Pola Chapelle: That's why I'm talking with you. I don't want a bone, I want the real thing. And we both suspect that Crane isn't really the mastermind.

Detective: All right, I'll let you tag along. I still have a very vague idea how to catch the mastermind, though.

  • 2 maps
  • 2 photos
  • 3 fingerprints
  • Thief: 5 lockpicks

Detective: Someone just tried to sabotage my invsetigation. This is getting serious.

Pola Chapelle: They won't get us easily. I have your back.

  • 2 maps
  • 2 photos
  • 1 fingeprint
  • 3 maps
  • 4 photos
  • Thief: 7 lockpicks

Detective: And again. Someone really wants us out of the game, Pola...

Pola Chapelle: No. Let's keep going. That just means we're on the right track.

  • 2 fingerprints

If you fail:

Detective: This is useless. Maybe Lucy was right, I should let the police handle this.

If you win:

Detective: Look, Pola. This is getting dangerous. I'll call you if I find something, but right now, you need to head for your office. I still haven't got the slightest clue how to track the mastermind down.

Pola Chapelle: Why do you want to get rid of me so much? All right, I'm going. It's no use going on this wild goose chase with you, anyway.

Crine scene search: Not All That Glitters Is GoldEdit

Detective: I shouldn't have lied to Pola, but I still got a lead. The alarms didn't go off at the bank, so that means I'm probably looking for a high-frequency device. Such as the one used by Cecilia Kyle.

Detective: And with the sewer plans, I can easily get to the bank vault, just like the robbers did before. Splendid.

When you enter the right room of the sewer;

Detective: Pola? What are you doing here? I told you to stay away! Get out before the police see you!

Pola Chapelle: Yeah, you also told me that you don't know how to catch the mastermind, and yet, here you are. We're both in it, OK? I can be useful. Just lead he way and we'll catch the mastermind!

If you enter the room past the vault:

Detective: Oh, this is just great. The alarms are back on. Pola, you should get out of here. This is even more risky than I thought.

Pola Chapelle: If you think one alarm will scare me off, then you're wrong. I'm sure we can bypass the security somehow.

If you open the middle cabinets in the southwest chamber:

Pola Chapelle: A deposit locker? What are you looking for inside, anyway?

Detective: I just have a hunch. Don't stand around here, OK? Keep a look out for cops!

Screenshot 2014-08-09-16-14-08

If you fail:

Lucy Gordon: Is someone there? Hello? I'm calling backup!

Detective: ...

Detective: Of all the cops in the city I had to bump into you, Lucy! I need to scram before you see me.

If you win:

Detective: What's this? The device was in this jewelry box. And I deposited it here myself on Mrs. de Monde's request!

Pola Chapelle: What did you find? A jamming device? But how did you know it was there?

Detective: I... uh... placed it there.

Pola Chapelle: Oh, no! You're the mastermind! Stay away from me!

Detective: Wait, I can explain!

Pola Chapelle: Nothing to explain. Let me go or I'll trigger the alarms!

Suspect identification: Crafty Little FellowEdit

Detective: Great. Pola ran away and now probably writes the article that she always wanted... and that'll end my career. But I still have a lead.

Detective: I need to find the jeweler who gave me the box. But how did he look like?

Screenshot 2014-08-09-16-15-02

Solution: Duke Classon

If you fail:

Detective: I can't seem to find the jeweler. Could he be the mastermind?

If you win:

Detective: Here we meet again. I know all about the contents of that "jewelry" box you gave me. Now talk.

Duke Classon: I didn't know what was inside, I swear! I was hired to pose as a jeweler. I'm an actor!

Detective: So who hired you?

Duke Classon: A mysterious lady. I never saw her face. It was dark and she was wearing a veil! But I heard she always comes to that place. The restaurant Chat Noir.

City search: Chat NoirEdit

Detective: I'm close to catching the mastermind. I just need to find the Chat Noir and confront the mysterious lady

The Chat Noir is:

  • not more than 7 from a pub
  • not more than 8 from a train station
  • not more than 8 from a theater
  • more than 1 from the stadium
  • more than 1 from schools
  • more than 2 from doctors
  • more than 2 from ports
  • more than 2 from post offices
  • more than 2 from landmarks
  • On the map there are 3 schools
  • On the map there are 2 ports
  • On the map there are 2 landmarks

There are candies in (9,8), (5,4)

Screenshot 2014-08-09-16-38-30

Solution: (9,8)

If you fail:

Detective: It's no use. I can't find the place and the mastermind is probably gone by now.

If you win:

Detective: Mrs. de Monde, I only have one question: why?

Patience de Monde: For you, detectives, there always has to be a "why". And the right question is "when". When I accomplished everything else, when I had all the riches I needed, when all of that bored me to death.

Patience de Monde: That's when I decided to play this little game of mine. Just an old lady's pastime.

Detective: A pastime? How can you say that? You stole from other people!

Patience de Monde: There wasn't any real harm done, was there? You caught all those baddies and put them in jail... just enough to win the heart of that Gordon girl.

Detective: And what if I wasn't there to stop them? You are dangerously insane! You even had your cats working for you!

Patience de Monde: There wasn't any real harm done, was there? You caught all those baddies and put them in jail. And if I'm not mistaken, you even have some feelings for one of the crooks on my payroll.

Detective: He doesn't take pleasure in toying with other people's lives. And you? You even used your cats to do your bidding!

Patience de Monde: Oh, that was just lovely, wasn't it? Cats spying on people, opening windows, retrieving loot from my henchmen.

Detective: And for what? You'll end up in a prison and they'll end up in a shelter!

Patience de Monde: No one will believe you. I'm just a harmless old lady. I know the mayor. He'll vouch for me. Even Marcus Sachs is under my spell, and it was his bank that my henchmen robbed!


If you fail:

Detective: I was this close! Darn it, I can't just let it go like that. I can't! I need to know who the mastermind is!

If you win:

Detective: Was she right that no one will believe me even if I tell them the truth? She's a true mastermind. A cunning dark figure hiding in the shadows, eluding justice. How am I going to face a foe like that?

Lucy Gordon: Detective! It seems you were right, again.

Lucy Gordon: I noticed you leaving the bank and I shadowed you right to the Chat Noir.

Detective: You heard the whole conversation?

Lucy Gordon: Bingo. I'm not saying that Patience de Monde will be easy to bring to justice... but that's two of us right now. I might be able to convince the commissioner to start a case against her.

Lucy Gordon: Oh, and I have to ask... Did you really do all those things to impress me?

Detective: I just hope I proved to be your equal, even if I'm not wearing blue. So, how about we go for a lunch to celebrate a solved case?

Lucy Gordon: You know what... I think I could get used to spending time with you, detective. But let's skip the lunch, I've got something better. There's gruesome crime scene I want you to see...

Lucy Gordon: Oh, and frankly... personally I don't approve of McLean, but I don't see why you should follow my lead. If you really like him, make a move. Before he ends up in jail, again.

Detective: Thanks, Lucy, Both for the help, and for the advice.

Lucy Gordon: I hope we'll meet again in the future. The city needs good detectives.


  • Even if the detective wears a police uniform, he'll still say "even if I'm not wearing blue".
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