List of all the City Search newspaper cases, and various solutions.

Heavy CashEdit

Crate full of cash lost in transport. Help needed. Not sure about this ad.

Reward: $300

Possible solutions: (6,7)

X Marks the SpotEdit

Treasure hunt went wrong. Please help finding the chest, we failed.

Reward: $300


Groom-to-be lost during a bachelor party. Help needed immediately.

Reward: $350

Not a Joke!Edit

Friend escaped from an asylum and got lost. Contact H.Q.

Reward: $200


  • Water
  • Churches
  • Train stations

Possible solutions: (6,3)

Missing Pet Edit

Panther missing. Answers to the name Pink.

Reward: $100

Count TravelingEdit

My employer count Orlok will arrive to the city.

Reward: $300

Pig in the CityEdit

Prize-winning piglet escaped. Find it before somebody gets hurt.

Reward: $350


I don't remember what I did last summer. Find the place I visited with my friends.

Reward: $350

Skipping School?Edit

Find out where my kid is during school hours.

Reward: $100

Possible solutions: (8,3)

Keys LostEdit

Lost My keys while traveling. Contact me at the shelter

Reward: $200


  • Museums
  • Gas stations
  • Pubs
  • Ports

Possible solutions: (7,8), (8,3)


  • The case "Not a Joke!" is a reference to the Joker and Harley Quinn.
  • The case "Missing Pet" is a reference to Pink Panther.