Rug DestroyedEdit

Need reimbursement for destroyed rug from a millionaire. Ask for the Dude.

Reward: $300

Blob from Space? Edit

Samples of green goo needed for testing. Urgent

Reward: $100

Burn After ReadingEdit

Top Secret documents stolen. Matter of life and death.

Reward: $200

City in DangerEdit

Madman threatens to poison water supply. Stop him!

Reward: $350

Wag the DogEdit

Please retrieve sensitive photos from a newspaper office. State safety at risk.

Reward: $300

Poisonous PlantEdit

Company suspected of water poisoning, find a proof. Call Erin.

Reward: $200

Count TravelingEdit

My employer count Orlok will arrive to the city.

Reward: $300

Oldest GangEdit

Four retired robbers escaped from court. Find any clues left behind

Reward: $300

Creepy ClownEdit

Clown seen in the city sewers. Please, explain it.

Reward: $200

Film LostEdit

I shot the best adventure movie ever but lost my only copy. Find the film reel before my competitors find it.

Reward: $350

Killer Goes Free?Edit

Murder weapon needed for trial. High reward.

Reward: $100

Note: the solution might be a knife or a pistol.

Jewels Stolen!Edit

Thieves apprehended, loot still missing. Help needed.

Reward: $100

Big FishEdit

Lost my ring during a fishing trip. Help needed.

Reward. $300