A police report mentions a rise of sugar use among kids in the neighbourhood.

"James Valentino confirmed the information about sweets being distributed among children."


Detective: Hello commissioner. I've heard appalling rumors about kids having.. a lot more sore teeth they used to. Maybe you could use my help?

James Valentino: What? How do you know about the illegal candy use among kids? Officer Gordon told you?

Detective: I've got other ways to get my information. So it is true. The only other answer I need to know - will I get a reward?

James Valentino: Oh, you sneaky... all right. You'll get your money, P. I. Just find out whoever is doing this, and I'll send my men to arrest that jerk.


Detective: I need to ask around. People are so concerned about kids these days, surely someone must've seen or heard something off.

  • 2 maps
  • 3 photos
  • 2 maps
  • 2 photos
  • 3 fingerprints
  • 3 photos
  • 2 maps
  • 3 fingerprints
  • 3 police badges

If you fail:

Detective: It looks like kids are better at keeping secrets than I thought, and they sure don't want anyone to find out where the candy is coming from.

If you win:

Detective: the rumors say that a lot of kids from the St. Jerome's Orphanage were seen at the dentist's office lately. Maybe that's the lead I should follow.

Crime scene search: Olivia With a TwistEdit

Detective: The kids are on a trip to the park. Great. I have some time to search the premises for suspicious candy or any other leads.

Screenshot 2014-08-07-17-29-38

If you fail:

Detective: The kids might be getting back from the trip any second now, and I still didn't find a clue. I need to go!

If you win:

Detective: Holy moly! That's... a lot of piñatas!

Kelly Hirsch: Excuse me, mister. What are you doing here?

Detective: I'm a detective, little girl. Someone is hiding a lot of sweets in here, and that's a bad thing.

Kelly Hirsch: But Olivia is such a nice girl! Instead of keeping the candies all for herself, she shares with all the kids in the neighborhood!

Detective: Aah, I see what you mean. Well, if you could tell me where Olivia is, maybe we could solve this problem without telling anyone, OK?

City search: Eventful InvestigationEdit

Detective: Olivia snuck out of the orphanage to see some kind of event happening in this part a the town. I just hope the mobsters don't use the girl to distribute sweets among kids.

The event where you can find Olivia is:

  • not more than 2 from the stadium
  • more than 2 from schools
  • more than 2 from ports
  • more than 2 from restaurants
  • more than 3 from shops
  • not more than 1 from a fast food
  • On the map there are 3 restaurants
  • On the map there are 4 fast foods
Screenshot 2014-08-07-17-38-37

Solution: (5,4)

If you fail:

Detective: I just can't seem to find the kid. Maybe she got herself in deeper trouble than I thought.

If you win:

Detective: Whadda you know. The kid's a wrestling fan, and there's an important match today at the stadium.

Detective: Excuse me! Olivia, isn't it? I have a few questions to ask about piñatas in your wardrobe.

Olivia Twist: Oh no! You're some kind of a cop, aren't you? You're going to arrest me!

Detective: No one's gonna arrest you... for now. Just tell me where did you get those piñatas.

Olivia Twist: I got them after the match! I'll tell you everything, I swear!

Suspect identification: A Heel-Face TurnEdit

Detective: I just need to get a description from Olivia and I'll get the jerk who's been selling the piñatas to little kids.

Prohibited piñatas suspect identification silution

Solution: El Pastelero

If you fail:

Detective: I think I lost the suspect. Great. It couldn't be the guy in the luchador mask, could it?

If you win:

Detective: You should be ashamed of yourself. I thought luchadores were renowned for their honor. And you're just a lowly crook selling piñatas to kids!

El Pastelero: ¡Espere, señor! I never did such a thing. There was a chica from the orphanage, came here every day to see us train. We gave her the piñatas as a token of gratitude for her dedication!

Detective: You guy don't know about the sugar ban here, do you? Well, in that case, I'll let it slip. But I stillneed to ask you a favor, though...


If you fail:

James Valentino: So, how's your investigation, detective? Not a big wise-guy anymore, eh? Don't worry, I'll send proper policemen to solve the case.

Detective: Oh, they can try. But believe me, it's not over yet!

If you win:

James Valentino: Detective! Some masked Mexicans just barged into my police station, saying they've just beaten up a gang of candy smugglers, and brought a sack full of piñatas with them! You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?

Detective: You have your ways of solving crime, I've got mine. Just don't forget to send me the check with my reward money. Detective: Oh, and I heard that St. Jerome's Orphanage is low on sugar rations. Maybe you should send those piñatas there?

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