"The old recording ended abruptly and I only got to know two things: the name of detective Duro... and that he was probably dead."


Detective: I have some spare time to follow up on the recording I found in the shop. Maybe I should hear that line once again.

Bad Guy: ...Hello, detective Duro! I expected you to be here. If you could kindly drop your gun...

Detective: Hmmm. That voice seems a bit familiar. And I've got the name of the detective: Duro. Maybe that's a start.


Detective: I never heard about a detective named Duro. I think I should ask around. Maybe someone knows him.

  • 2 maps
  • 3 photos
  • 3 fingerprints
  • 2 police badges
  • 3 photos
  • 2 maps

Detective: Some folks do reember him. Apparently he had an enemy, a German gangster called von Grauen. Some folks even know where he was shot. A derelict studio building of some sort.

City search: A Cold TrailEdit

Detective: The old studio is supposed to be somewhere around here.

The location of the old studio is:

  • exactly 3 from a theater
  • in the distance of 1 from canal
  • more than 1 from restaurants
  • more than 2 from hotels
  • more than 3 from landmarks
  • not more than 6 from a restaurant
  • On the map there are 2 theaters
  • On the map there are 2 restaurants

Solution: (2,8)

Detective: Oh, just great! The old building was torn down and now the place is a construction site.

Blake Richardson: Are you looking for something, youngster?

Detective: There was a studio here, some time ago. Detective Duro was shot here.

Blake Richardson: Oh, I remember! Hey, maybe not all is lost. Head to the Lincoln Building. I remember that Duro had a P. O. box in there. Maybe that'll help you.

Detective: Thanks, much obliged!

Crime scene search: Overdue MailEdit

Detective: The Lincoln Building is closing soon for the night, so I should hurry up.

When you find the solution:

Detective: What's this? A bunch of mail... Duro must've been a celebrity. And a police badge? I didn't know Duro was a police detective. Maybe I can trace the number on the badge to get some more info.

Suspect identification: The Dead Detective DuroEdit

Detective: Hmmm. I need to connect the police badge I found to a face. That'll be the breakthrough I need.

Solution: James Valentino

Detective: Commissioner Valentino? That can't be right. Maybe I should call him just to be sure...


Detective: Excuse me, Commissioner. Are you... detective Duro?

James Valentino: Ha ha! I sure am. It's been a long time since someone mentioned my short-lived movie career.

Detective: So the studio where Duro was hot... I get it now. I didn't knew you were an actor!

James Valentino: Well, the role of detective Duro convinced me to join the force. I thought I could help more people that way. I still kept most of the old stuff from the set in a P.O. box, though. We got so many fan mail back then!

Detective: Wow, what a story! Say, I found an old recording with you as Duro, and some other guy threatening you. Von Grauen, I think. Do you remember that?

James Valentino: Sure! We practiced a lot back then, and Bravucci made all those recordings during our rehearsals.

Detective: So Bravucci played Von Grauen? That's why the voice seemed so familiar!

James Valentino: Yeah, he was perfect for the role. He had the right character. Oh, those were the times! I still got the original reel of the film in my office. You can borrow it if you want.

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