Sam Lowry is a city hall employee who first appeared in Displaced Documents, where he asks the detective to find a report.

In Clerkly Calamities, he asks the detective to save his marriage.

In Prohibitionist Peril, he asks the detective to find out who attacked his colleague from the Dietary Movement, Josef Novak.

In Overwhelming Office, he asks the detective to find out what to do for the mayor's conference.

In Headline Hunters, someone is following him to prove that he eats candy.

In Problematic Past, he tells the detective that someone is investigating the Bravucci case.

In Lobbyists' Lair, he tells the detective that he suspects that someone is trying to cover up something with paperwork.

In Insidious Investments, The detective asks him for help to defeat Alphonse Covet.

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In Guilty Government, after Covet is defeated, he becomes the mayor.


Sam Lowry is the protagonist of the 1985 film Brazil.

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