"When she entered my office, I smelled money. The most famous pop-star of the year wanted me to track down false rumors about her soda pop addiction."


Maya Idoru: Oh, detective! I'm in so much trouble! My friend, Bravucci, recommended you.

Detective: It's a pleasure to meet the famous lady Idoru. Since you are a pop-star, I can only assume the trouble has something to do with your popularity?

Maya Idoru: Someone is trying to slander me. There are rumors circulating around the town that I have a soda pop addiction. And I'm clean as a whistle!

Detective: It wouldn't be the first time someone tries to defame a celebrity. I'll investigate the issue.


Lana Quay: I'm lady Idoru's assistant. Can I help you in any way?

Detective: Uh, sure. I need to research all the gossip that circulated so far. Could you point out to the people who circulated the gossip?

  • 2 maps
  • 2 photos
  • 3 fingerprints
  • 2 fingerprints
  • 4 photos
  • 1 knuckle
  • 2 maps

Detective: The rumors are surprisingly detailed: name of the club, brand of the soda. Whether they are true or not, the source must be close to lady Idoru.

Crime scene search: Backstage Break-inEdit

Detective: One of the few occasions when Idoru's backstage isn't occupied by fans. I need to get in there fast and find some clues.

Detective: The problem is, I'll probably need a key - or some other way of getting backstage.

If you enter the south part of the audtorium:

Detective: It looks like the entrance to the scene from the auditorium is closed. If I want to enter the backstage from the scene, I need to find a way around.

When you find the solution:

Detective: Hmmm, a matchbook... it's fronm the Kon-Tiki. The club maintains the appearance of a health food joint, bit I know it's selling bootleg soda pop.

Detective: I don't suppose lady Idoru was in such a place... but maybe someone from her road crew? I need to check it out.

Suspect identification: Celebrity GossipEdit

Detective: I should hang around the club for a while. Maybe I'll be able to deduce something from the gossip. A description, maybe...

Solution: Maya Idoru

Detective: The description fits the looks of Maya Idoru. The patrons remember her drinking sweet soda. Was she lying to me all the time?

City search: Soda Pop StarEdit

Detective: Luckily, someone remembered where Idoru went after the drinking. Maybe I'll be able to get some answers out of her.

The Kon-Tiki club is:

  • not more than 1 from a shop
  • exactly 3 from a fast food
  • more than 3 from theaters
  • not more than 1 from a club
  • On the map there are 3 shops
  • On the map there are 2 clubs

Solution: (7,7)

Detective: this looks like an ordinary apartment block. Why is Maya doing here?

Detective: Excuse me Maya. I think you have some explaining to do.

Rei Idoru: Uh, what? I don't know any Maya. My name is Rei. Who the heck are you?

Detective: This explains quite a lot. You never heard about Maya Idoru? The pop singer?

Rei Idoru: I'm more into progressive rock, they play it at the Kon-Tiki a lot. Pop is for teens... Hey, you said Idoru? My father's name was Idoru!

Detective: I suppose I should take you and introduce you to someone, if you don't mind.


Maya Idoru: That was very surprising turn of events! If not for my single visit to the Kon-Tiki club, the gossip would've never started in the first place.

Detective: And what do you think of your half-sister?

Maya Idoru: She has an uneasy spirit which already caused some turmoil. She has a good ear for music, though. I think I'll give her a chance.

Detective: That sounds great! And a sisterly reunion is a great story for the press.

Detective: Definitely better than "Soda Pop Singer", that is.

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