The maple syrup case suffers a sudden twist when Lucy Gordon stumbles upon a shocking truth.

"Lucy told me that there were cases of poisoning after someone consumed the bootlegged maple syrup. It looked like I need to revisit my old case."


Lucy Gordon: I need to have a serious talk with you. You remember the AmTransGroup case? We just interviewed Pola Chapelle about that article she wrote... and guess who's name popped up.

Detective: Uh, Telly Cane's?

Lucy Gordon: Yours. Look, you need to choose between me and Pola. Either you work for the police and do what's right, or sell everything you dig out to the press.

Lucy Gordon: Yours. Look, you need to choose if you work with the police or with the press. Either you call me and do what's right, or you call Pola and sell everything you dig out.

Lucy Gordon: And it's not only about me or my job. Some people ended sick in the hospital lately. When the doctors asked what happened, they admitted to consuming illegal maple syrup.

Detective: But the thing I found at Dock 12 was 100 pure, Canuck stuff. No harmful ingredients.

Lucy Gordon: Yeah? Well, forget about it. Stay out of this case. I don't want you or Pola to meddle with my investigation.


Detective: "Stay out of this case". Yeah, right. I'll solve Lucy's case before she even notices.

Detective: I need to find someone who got poisoned by the maple syrup. That's how I'll get to the truth.

  • 2 fingerprints
  • 2 maps
  • 2 photos
  • 1 fingerprint
  • 2 maps
  • 4 photos
  • 1 fingerprint

If you fail:

Detective: This is useless. People don't want to admit that they bought illegal sweets. And without any witnesses, my investigation is doomed to fail.

If you win:

Detective: Stan? I've heard you had some stomach problems lately?

Stanley Ditto: How do you know? I... uh... ate some bad maple syrup. But please, don't tell anyone.

Detective: I won't, but you need to tell me who sold you the syrup. And please, stick with the comic books, OK?

Suspect identification: First One is Always FreeEdit

Detective: Describe the person who sold the syrup, OK?

Stanley Ditto: I'll do my best...

Screenshot 2014-08-08-20-04-23

Solution: Michael Mauer

If you fail:

Detective: The seller definitely doesn't wnat to be found. What do[sic] do now?

If you win:

Michael Mauer: Oh, hey! You're Leo's detective pal. I hope those cough drops worked out fine for your doctor friend. You're here for the syrup?

Detective: I'm here for some answers, your syrup is harmful to people. Some of your clients ended in the hospital.

Michael Mauer: What?! No, that's not possible! My pal, Don, set me up with this bunch of fellas who distributed the stuff. But they told me it's prime Canuck stuff!

Detective: Well, it's not. And you better tell me where you got it, or else...

City search: Sticky SuppliersEdit

Detective: Alright. Where did you get that syrup?

Michael Mauer: I'm not exactly sure. They blindfolded me every time they took me to their lair. I remember it was damp and dark, that's all.

The bootlegger's hideout is:

  • exactly 4 from a school
  • more than 1 from the stadium
  • more than 1 from a church
  • not more than 1 from water
  • more than 2 from a hospital
  • On the map there are 3 hospitals
  • On the map there are 2 churches

There are candies on (2,3) (9,3), (7,3), (9,5) and (8,5)

Screenshot 2014-08-08-20-05-11

Solution: (7,7)

If you fail:

Detective: I can't find the hideout. Maybe Mickey duped me.

If you win:

Detective: If I'm not mistaken, the gang has a hideout somewhere underground, and this subterranean canal will lead me to them.

Michael Mauer: You need to watch out. Those guys are dangerous. There's at least ten of them!

Detective: I've got a plan. I'll just wait for them to leave - for a meeting with you. That should give me at least a few minutes to go inside.

Crime scene search: Down the DrainEdit

Detective: The gangsters are meeting with Mickey, but I don't have much time. I need to act fast!

Go to the next room

Lucy Gordon: You? I told you to keep out of this case!

Detective: And that supposed to stop me? Look, we've got very little time. Those gangsters could be back very soon.

Lucy Gordon: I already got that covered. The subway technicians agreed to close down the entrance. That will buy us some time.

Detective: Lucy, you're brilliant! Come on, let's find the syrup!

When you enter control:

Detective: Uh-oh, I heard something. You think it's them?

Lucy Gordon: Darn it. I'll make some kind of distraction. Maybe that'll buy us some time. Find the evidence, quick!

Screenshot 2014-08-08-20-08-40

If you fail:

Detective: It's too late, they're coming! We need to run!

If you win:

Detective: What's this? Some kind of makes fake maple syrup out of industrial-grade molasses. Yuck! No wonder people got sick.

Detective: Lucy, I got the syrup. We need to get backup, now.

Lucy Gordon: There's a service phone near the subway tracks. We'll have the whole precint here in no time.


If you fail:

Lucy Gordon: I thought I told you to stay off the case! You probably ruined my whole investigation by now!

Detective: Well, you should've asked me to work for you from the beginning. You know I don't give up easily.

If you win:

Lucy Gordon: Whew. What a day. We managed to cripple the whole operation and arrest some rank and file mobsters.

Lucy Gordon: Unfortunately, the suspects all lawyered up and their bosses are still at large. But Rome wasn't built in one day. We'll get them sooner or later.

Detective: We?

Lucy Gordon: Well, I figure we make quite a team, you and I. It's not the first case you handled well. You'd make a good police detective.

Lucy Gordon: Despite the fact that you disregarded my direct order to stay away from the case, that is.

Detective: That's why I'll never sign up for the force. I'd give ol' Valentino a heart attack!

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