"I've never seen Lucy Gordon so unhappy. She had been forced to go on vacation and needed my help to find a wanted felon. How could I refuse?"


Detective: Wow, Lucy, you definitely look better without the uniform! Ugh, I mean, you look great in that dress. What's the occasion? Are you... going out somewhere?

Lucy Gordon: Almost. My boss ordered me to go on a vacation. With all those things happening, I guess I need some time off. But don't worry, I arranged a date for you.

Detective: A date? With whom?

Lucy Gordon: Francesco Battaglia, a hitman for one of the crime families. The DA has a solid case against him, but he's on the loose. You need to catch him in my stead.

Detective: Wow, look at that dress! You really took my advice seriously! So, you're going on vacation after all.

Lucy Gordon: My boss made me do it. With all those things happening, I need some time off. But don't worry, I arranged a date for you.

Detective: This isn't some joke about McLean, I hope?

Lucy Gordon: I've got someone even better. Francesco Battaglia, a mob hitman. The DA has a solid case against him, but he's on the loose. You need to catch him in my stead.

Lucy Gordon: When you're done, just call me to the Caribe hotel in Puerto Rico. Good luck!


Detective: There must be something that the officers missed. Otherwise Battaglia would be in jail by now.

Detective: I wouldn't be surprised if Battaglia's crooks wanted to hinder my investigation by snatching clues and evidence from under my nose.

  • 5 footprints
  • 2 maps
  • 3 photos
  • Thief: 5 lockpicks
  • 3 fingerprints
  • 1 knuckle
  • 2 maps
  • 3 photos
  • 3 magnifiers

If you fail:

Detective: This is a wild goose chase, Lucy already covered all leads. The chief of police was right to send her on a vacation.

If you win: Detective: Battaglia had a secret safe-house that the police missed. Maybe I'll search it and find out how Battaglia managed to avoid cops for so long.

Crime scene search: Nobody's HomeEdit

John Doewsky: I'm the superintendent of this building. How can I help you, officer?

Detective: I'm not an officer, just a private eye. I'm looking for a fella named Battaglia. I think he rented an apartment here?

John Doewsky: Battaglia... Sounds familiar. Check out apartment 4B. Here, the keys.

John Doewsky: When you finish, just leave them in my office. I'm going on a fishing trip. A long awaited vacation!

When you enter the bedroom:

Detective: Hmmm. It looks like a safe room, with the door locked. Maybe the key is hidden somewhere in the apartment. Probably somewhere out of sight.

Screenshot 2014-07-21-16-51-37

If you fail:

Detective: He just vanished into thin air. I have no idea, how he managed that.

If you win:

Detective: What's this? An empty disguise kit. He's trying to escape using a camouflage!

Suspect identification: Wise DisguiseEdit

Detective: Based on the items missing from the disguise kit, I need to deduce how Battaglia looks like right now. He could be anyone...

Screenshot 2014-07-21-17-18-38

Solution: John Doewsky

If you fail:

Detective: Battaglia is a real chameleon. I won't be able t[sic] find him now.

If you win:

Detective: No... it can't be. He was disguised as the superintendent! Where could he go? He did mention something about fishing...

City search: Skipping TownEdit

Detective: Battaglia probably has a boat hidden somewhere on the waterfront. But where?

Battaglia's boat is:

  • somewhere on water
  • not more than 2 from a port
  • more than 2 from gas stations
  • not more than 1 from a bus station
Screenshot 2014-07-21-16-59-23

Solution: (5,8)

If you fail:

Detective: Battaglia probably already left the country. I don't even know the name of his boat, so he's like a needle in a haystack...

If you win:

Detective: I think it's this boat... The Lucky Fisherman.

Francesco Battaglia: You'll never get me, copper! Tell your girlfriend to send me a postcard when I reach San Juan!

Francesco Battaglia: You'll never get me, girls! Maybe I'll send you a postcard when I reach San Juan!

Detective: Darn! He got away! I need to call Lucy... maybe she'll be able to help me out.


If you fail:

Detective: I'm sorry to deliver such bad news, but I didn't manage to catch Battaglia.

Lucy Gordon: At least you actually tried to do something while I was forced to spend my time here! On this picturesque beach! Sunbathing all day! Reading dime novels!

Lucy Gordon: Hmmm, you know what? Maybe this vacation wasn't a bad idea after all...

If you win:

Lucy Gordon: I got your message, detective. I arrested him right after he disembarked in San Juan. He probably didn't expect to see me in Puerto Rico.

Detective: Don't tell me you knew he'd try to escape to Puerto Rico!

Lucy Gordon: You'll never know! And now, if you excuse me, I've heard about this new bathing suit, called the "bikini". I want to try it out.

Detective: I told you that you looked better without the uniform.

Lucy Gordon: And you'd look better in one. Or is being a decent cop too much for you, hmmm?

Detective: I found Battaglia, didn't I? Well, he tried to run, but in the end he wasn't harder to get than, oh, let's say a certain police officer.

Lucy Gordon: You'll never know, detective! And by the way, I have a new bathing suit to try out. It's called the "bikini". Maybe I should get you one? Not that you need any more male attention...

Detective: Do you always have to bring that up? You know, after my last chase Battaglia, McLean almost seems like a nice guy.

Lucy Gordon: Ha! I was thinking more about Bravucci, but you seem to always think about McLean. Why is that so?

Detective: And why do you always have to think about your job, even on vacation? I keep my friends close, and enemies closer. That's all there is to it.

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