The legendary Black Forest cake might be somewhere in the city. It sounds almost too delicious to be true.


Detective: Miguela, I wanted to check up on that rumor about the cake.

Miguela Lawless: It's not just any cake. It's the legendary Black Forest cake. I've never seen one in my life though. I thought it was just a legend.

Detective: But now you're thinking otherwise?

Miguela Lawless: People say that someone's been making them. Here, in the city, or somewhere close - sweets are still illegal, you know.

Detective: You've got my curiosity. I'll look into that cake.


Detective: No time to waste. Let's track down the origin of those rumors.

  • 3 photos
  • 3 maps
  • 2 fingerprints
  • Photographer: 7 questions
  • 1 map
  • 3 photos
  • Photographer: 7 questions
  • 4 fingerprints
  • 2 maps
  • 2 fingerprints

???: You are looking for the Black Forest cake. I can help you find it.

Detective: I'm sorry, but who's this? Sweets are illegal, so why would I want to find the cake?

???: The cake is great. It's so delicious and moist!

???: Find the owner of the Confiture Labs. It closed down, but the owner will know where the cake is.

Detective: Wait, I...

Detective: What is it with people hanging up on me?

Suspect identification: Still AliveEdit

Detective: I should be able to find the owner of the Confiture Labs.

Testing tribute suspect identification solution

Solution: John Caveson

Detective: Excuse me, sir. Do you know anything about Black Forest cakes?

John Caveson: I did. Once. Now I changed the name of the company and I make shower curtains for all branches of the military! They're more hygienic.

Detective: Uh, definitely. So, what happened to your bakery?

John Caveson: The bean counters wanted me to sell it, said I wouldn't need an underground facility for making shower curtains. So I sold it. But I did it only because it was just too small.

Detective: Now I'm looking for an abandoned salt mine. Caroline, my assistant, can give you directions to the old facility, if you want.

City search: Well here we are againEdit

Detective: According to Caroline, the old facility should be somewhere here. But I see nothing. Maybe it's hidden somewhere?

The secret facility is:

  • in the distance of 1 from water
  • more than 1 from railways
  • not on parks
  • more than 1 from farms
  • more than 2 from fast foods
  • more than 1 from hospitals
  • not 3 from ports
  • On the map there are 6 farms
  • On the map there are 2 fast foods
Testing tribute city search solution

Solution: (3,5)

Detective: A shed in the middle of a field, and a mysterious shaft leeding deep under the surface.

Detective: Well, what can go wrong? I'm going in!

Crime scene search: Fat ChanceEdit

Detective: OK, this is it. I'm inside the facility.

Detective: Wait... I think I heard something!

Detective: Is anybody there?

???: Hello, and welcome to the enrichment center. Your specimen has been processed and we are now ready to begin the test proper.

Detective: Uh oh. What test are you talking about?

???: Cake will be available at the conclusion of the test.

Detective: Great. I need to pass some test to get to that cake. How hard can it be?

When you go to the next room

???: This test will require you to by-pass electronic security with severe consequence for failure, for no reason at all.

Detective: Then why am I even taking this test?

When you enter Alpha:

Detective: A teleporter. I wonder where will it take me?

When you enter Beta:

Detective: Amazing! It relocated me to another part of the lab. If only I could figure out how the rooms are linked.

When you go to the next room:

???: This test will check your dexterity and manipulative skills during unnecessary scenarios of habitat infiltration.

Detective: So I have to find a way to break into locked rooms. Got it.

When you enter the room past Delta:

???: In this test, you have been placed in a room with no visible way out.

Detective: That's not so bad. Maybe I can...

???: To add extra incentive to this test, an exotermic reaction has been started in the adjacent room.

Detective: A fire?! That's really, really bad!

When you find the bonus case:

Detective: What's this? A government report of a recent weather balloon crash... this might be an interesting addition to my case file cabinet.

When you enter the room past Zeta:

Detective: So this must be the last test, right? What is it about?

???: As part of a required test protocol, we will not monitor the ext test chamber. You will be entirely on your own. Good luck.

Detective: Great. I knew the last one wouldn't be easy. So... what's the catch?

Testing tribute crime scene search solution

Detective: So the cake was a lie!

???: You remained resolute and resourceful in an atmosphere of extreme pessimism and managed to finish the test. I'm making a note here: huge success.

Detective: Wait a second. You trick people into taking tests with a lie about a cake that doesn't even exist. And you know no one will go to the authorities because of the sugar ban!

???: We do what we want because we can. For science.

Detective: Yeah. I get it. Just let me out of here!

???: A complimentary escape hatch will open in three, two, one. It's been fun. Don't come back.


Detective: I'm sorry, Miguela, but the cake was a lie.

Miguela Lawless: What do you mean?

Detective: It was a trick to lure people into questionable scientific experiments. The Black Forest cake doesn't exist. All I have is this lousy paper cut-out.

Miguela Lawless: Hmmm... If the cake isn't real, maybe we can make one! That picture gave me an idea. If you can buy the right ingredients, I can bake you a Black Forest cake of my own design!

Trivia Edit

This case has at least 2 references to portal: The first being the line "I'm making a note here: huge success." which came from this song:

The other being this line: "The cake was a lie"

One more ambiguous one is this: "We do what we want because we can. For science." which may be a reference to GlaDOS

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