Someone threatens your neighbors. This will not stand.

"I hate bullies. So when Jack told me that someone threatened Betty I was ready to start in no time."


Jack Calltrain: Hi, it's Jack. Jack Calltrain. I need your help, detective. I had to leave town for a few days, and Betty's in trouble!

Detective: Betty? What happened?

Detective: Please, tell me what happened.

Jack Calltrain: Two days after I left to visit my parents in the countryside, she called me, all shaken up. I couldn't get much out of her, but I know she was threatened by someone.

Detective: This sounds really bad. I'll take care of it.


Detective: Hi Betty. Jack asked to drop by and talk to you about the incident.

Detective: Hi Betty, Jack called me. How are you holding?

Betty Mayday: I'm... I'm not feeling well. I can't sleep, I leave the lights on at night...

Detective: I'm not sure that interrogating Betty is such a good idea. I should ask the neighbors instead.

Detective: OK, just lock the door and wait for me. I'm sure I'll manage to find the culprit in no time.

  • 5 magnifiers
  • 4 fingerprints
  • 3 photos
  • 3 maps
  • 1 police badge
  • 3 questions
  • 4 photos

If you fail:

Detective: Nobody saw a thing, and Betty is still a mess. I`ll have to call the police.

If you win: Detective: Lucy, you live here. Did you see the whole incident?

Lucy Gordon: Yeah. The perp tried to barge into Betty's apartment, yelling threats and waving a knife. I wanted to arrest him, but he got away. Oh, if I could get my hands on him!

Lucy Gordon: I've reported it at the station, but you know how it is - we're seriously understaffed. I can count on you to handle this, right?

Suspect identification: A Face To RememberEdit

Detective: Luckily, Lucy gave me a pretty good description. I'm looking for a big, mean guy.

Screenshot 2014-07-18-16-24-12

Solution: Martin Tucker

If you fail:

Detective: I don't think I recognize him. The streets of this fine city are riddled with thugs, after all.

If you win:

Detective: Yeah, this is the guy. A regular street thug. All muscle and no brains. Someone must have hired him to scare Betty.

City search: Once a Thug, Always a ThugEdit

Detective: Thugs like that usually attract atention in public places. Maybe someone has seen him.

The thug you are looking for is:

  • in the distance of 1 from water
  • not more than 2 from a hotel
  • more than 3 from cafés
  • not more than 1 from a shop
  • On the map there are 2 cafés
  • On the map there are 3 shops (not said in clues)
Screenshot 2014-07-18-17-26-41

Solution: (8,7)

If you fail:

Detective: Shucks, I think I lost him. Maybe he isn't a dumb thug like I thought.

If you win:

Detective: All right, I got him. He's in the fast food joint, loud and annoying as usual.

Crime scene search: A Harsh LessonEdit

Detective: Great, he is still hanging around the diner. I should get some info who is his next target. And then I'll teach him a lesson.

If you enter the room east of kitchen:

Detective: I think I heard weird noises coming from the bathroom...

If you enter the bathroom:

Martin Tucker: The toilet's occupied. Hey, I'f you're the waiter, fill my glass will ya? It's the table closest to the bathroom door!

Detective: Looks like the thug is in the toilet, but he won't be there forever. And now I know he's sitting close to the bathroom door...

Screenshot 2014-07-18-16-38-04

If you fail:

Detective: No luck. I could call the police, but will Betty's testimony be enough? I'm not sure she'll even want to file charges. She seems so upset right now...

If you win:

Detective: What do we have here? The address of a next victim. Hmmm... it's the same floor where officer Gordon lives. I'll just change the apartment number...


If you fail:

Detective: I'm sorry, Jack. I did all that I could, but the thug is still on the loose.

Jack Calltrain: Yeah, I know. We decided to call the police. Maybe that'll help

If you win:

Lucy Gordon: You won't believe what happened to me today! That thug tried to get into my apartment!

Detective: I probably should be worried... about the thug, right?

Lucy Gordon: Ha-ha! I bruised him a bit. He's in jail now. When he wakes up, I'm sure to ask him why he tried to break into my place.

Detective: About that... I changed the address of his next target to yours, so you could catch him red handed. I know you could handle him, Lucy.

Lucy Gordon: You did what?! That's totally against the rules! But at least Betty is safe. Argh! I don't know if I should hug you or hang you!

Detective: You know I don't play by the rules, Lucy. And I do prefer the former.

Lucy Gordon: Ha-ha! You always had a soft heart for crooks. I bruised him a bit and threw him in jail. When he wakes up, I'm sure to ask him why he tried to break into my place.

Detective: About that... I changed the address of his next target to yours, so you could catch him red handed. I know you could handle him, Lucy.

Lucy Gordon: You did what?! I know you did it for Betty, but still... you were threading thin ice, girl.

Detective: You're not the only one who likes to take a risk from time to time!

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