"A family heirloom was stolen. My client did not care who the burglar was, he just wanted his treasure back. I wanted money. A clean deal."


Humphrey McGuffin: Hello, detective: I heard you made a name for yourself helping other people recover what's rightfully theirs.

Detective: I assume you have a similar issue at hand?

Humphrey McGuffin: Indeed. Something was stolen from me. A precious statuette. I want to get it back. Discreetly.

Detective: And the thief?

Humphrey McGuffin: I don't really care about him or her. I care only about the missing object.

Detective: That shouldn't be too hard. Consider it done.


Detective: I should check every lead there is. The crime scene, who could've stolen it, where could it be now. And I have a hunch that the thief might hire someone to get in my way and hinder my investigation.

  • 3 photos
  • Thief: 5 lockpicks
  • 4 maps
  • 3 photoshop
  • 1 police badge
  • 4 fingerprints

If you fail:

Detective: Darn it. The burglar left no clues at the crime scene, and then just vanished. How am I supposed to find the statuette now?

If you win:

Detective: From the looks of it, the theft was commissioned by someone. Something is off about the case, and I feel my client is feeding me half-truths.

Suspect identification: The Cheaper the Crook, the Gaudier the PatterEdit

Detective: There aren't many burglars in the city willing to do that kind of commissioned work, and all of them would probably request to be paid a lot for it. Maybe I can find the culprit this way.

Screenshot 2014-07-27-22-31-39

Solution: Joe Cairo

If you fail:

Detective: It seems the thief is either keeping a low profile... or dead.

If you win:

Detective: Hmmm... Allegedly Joe Cairo was bragging that he was paid in advance for a big job he's about to pull. I think he's my man.

City search: Everybody has Something to ConcealEdit

Detective: I need to follow Cairo. He'll lead me to the statuette.

Cairo's hiding place is:

  • not more than 2 from a hospital
  • more than 1 from clubs
  • not on railways
  • not more than 3 from a hotel
Screenshot 2014-07-27-22-35-15

Solution: (3,7)

If you fail:

Detective: it seems Joe Cairo outsmarted me.

If you win:

Detective: The old La Paloma factory. Close to the docks. A perfect place to hide a small statue.

Crime scene search: A Reasonable Amount of TroubleEdit

Detective: I need to find the statuette, and fast. Cairo's client might come for it any minute now.

Screenshot 2014-07-27-22-41-42

If you fail:

Detective: Darn it, I hear cars stopping. And people getting out. I need to get out, fast!

If you win:

Detective: Ah, here it is. It's heavy. I wonder what stuff it's made of?

Detective: I need to take it and leave, fast. The thief and his client are in for a nasty surprise.


If you fail:

Detective: I'm afraid the statuette is gone. There's not much we can do right now about it.

Humphrey McGuffin: Well, what do you suggetst? We won't stand here and shed tears. I'll triple... no, quadruple your pay.

Detective: Haven't you tried to buy my loyalty with money and nothing else?

Humphrey McGuffin: Very well. I'll find the statuette myself even If I must spend another year on the quest. Adieu.

If you win:

Detective: Your statuette, just as promised.

Humphrey McGuffin: And here's your payment. Might I ask about the thief?

Detective: The person who ordered the theft will probably feel cheated over the deal. The thief is in for some serious trouble.

Humphrey McGuffin: Splendid. I insist that this case will remain secret. We'll probably never meet again, I'm off to Istanbul now. The best goodbyes are short. Adieu.

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