While reading a report about a crashed weather balloon, I received a weird phone call...

A foreigner asked me for his missing vehicle. The clues are apparently hidden in the weather balloon file


???: You. Detective. Yes?

Detective: Yes, this is the detective's office. You have quite a foreign accent. Do you have a case for me?

???: Foreign. Yes. Case. Yes. Missing. Vehicle.

Detective: Doesn't sound too hard, but I need more information.

???: File. You. Read. All. Information. There.

Detective: But I'm reading a file about a weather balloon crash!

???: Must. Phone. Home. Must...

Detective: Hello?

Detective: Great. The line is dead. And he didn't even leave any contact.


Pola Chapelle: There you are! Were you avoiding me on purpose? You're up to something no good?

Detective: Pola! I thought you were angry about that newspaper thing.

Pola Chapelle: That? I almost forg... On second thought, yeah, I was pretty mad at you. But you could soften my heart with a little favor...

Detective: I walked straight into that one, didn't I? Well, what are you looking for?

Pola Chapelle: A UFO.

Detective: A what?

Pola Chapelle: An unidentified flying object. You don't read much science fiction, do you?

Detective: I have a lot of reading, and none of it is fiction. I'm going through this weather balloon crash file, and...

Pola Chapelle: *gasp* you WHAT?! You have the Corona Crash file?! it's the ultimate proof of an encounter with an alien civilization!

Detective: Well, I was asked to check it out. You're welcome to hop on board.

  • 2 fingerprints
  • 5 photos
  • Policeman: 5 donuts
  • 5 maps
  • 3 fingerprints
  • 3 photos
  • 3 maps
  • Policeman: 10 donuts
  • 2 fingerprints
  • 2 maps

If you fail:

William Davis: Excuse me detective. Could you take a look at this device? *flash*

Detective: What was that light? Ugh, my head is so heavyyyy....

William Davis: Nighty night, detective.

If you win:

Detective: That's unusual. Apparently, our investigation attracted an unwanted attention from the authorities. But it's just a weather balloon!

Pola Chapelle: Ugh! I told you, it isn't a weather balloon. It's a spaceship! And your client is probably an alien!

Detective: I don't believe in aliens, Pola!

Pola Chapelle: And I want to believe!

City search: Not Exactly NevadaEdit

Pola Chapelle: If you don't believe in aliens, then why are we here, outside the city?

Detective: The file mentions the crash site at Corona. I don't believe it was a UFO, but maybe some other kind of a flying vehicle.

Pola Chapelle: Uh-huh. And what would that be? A Soviet spy plane?

Detective: Well, why won't we find out?

The crash site is:

  • exactly 2 from a campsite
  • not on water
  • more than 1 from ports
  • not on parks
  • not on railways
  • more than 2 from shops
  • more than 1 from canal
  • not on farms
  • On the map there are 4 campsites
  • On the map there are 2 ports
  • On the map there are 3 shops
  • On the map there are 2 farms
Vanishing visitors city search solution

Solution: (13,10)

If you fail:

William Davis: Excuse me detective. Could you take a look at this device? *flash*

Detective: What was that light? Ugh, my head is so heavyyyy....

William Davis: Nighty night, detective.

If you win:

Detective: So we're here. In the middle of nowhere. And I don't see a thing...

Pola Chapelle: And what's that? A crop circle!

Detective: If by crop circle you mean that flattened patch of cereal...

Detective: This place isn't far away from the nearest village. If the UFO had landed here, somebody would have seen it.

Pola Chapelle: And somebody did. I bet the government forced them into silence!

Suspect identification: Gas LeakEdit

Detective: All right. Let's say I believe you and there really is a government conspiracy. How can we trace it down?

Pola Chapelle: Somebody had to do all the intimidating, right? There probably was an agent in the town.

Vanishing visitors suspect identification solution

Solution:William Davis

If you fail:

William Davis: Excuse me detective. Could you take a look at this device? *flash*

Detective: What was that light? Ugh, my head is so heavyyyy....

William Davis: Nighty night, detective.

If you win:

Detective: Well, I'll be...

Pola Chapelle: Does he look spooky enough for you? Let's track him down!

A Close EncounterEdit

Detective: That's weird. His last place of employment is listed as this abandoned military base.

Pola Chapelle: Do you really believe it's abandoned? They're probably using it as a base for covert operations.

Detective: Well, I don't see anyone in there. Maybe I should check it out.

Pola Chapelle: Just be careful! I'll stay here, in the event that they catch you.

Detective: Very reassuring. Thanks.

When you enter the first locked room:

Detective: A lot of electronic surveillance, but no personnel. How strange.

When you find the saucer:

Detective: What the...! You've got to be kidding me. A real flying saucer? I wonder what's inside...

Vanishing visitors crime scene search solution

If you fail:

William Davis: Excuse me detective. Could you take a look at this device? *flash*

Detective: What was that light? Ugh, my head is so heavyyyy....

William Davis: Nighty night, detective.

If you win:

Detective: Candy? The saucer is full of candy? I don't understand...

William Davis: I've tracked your progress for some time now. You're a persistent man/woman, I must admit.

Detective: And you caught me red-handed. So that's it, then? Are you going to arrest me?

William Davis: That's pointless. You'll just find a way to come back. You always do.

William Davis: I understand Miss Chapelle put you through this mess. But you seem more reasonable than her. That's why I'm going to tell the truth.

Detective: Then you better start answering my questions. Why is there candy in the saucer?

William Davis: How[sic] you ever seen the cartoon about a pooch solving mysteries?

Detective: Yeah. They all seem supernatural, but in reality, that's just a way to cover up a real crime...

Detective: Wait a second! That candy! So the saucer is fake. Somebody tried to smuggle candy inside it, knowing that would baffle the authorities!

William Davis: Bravo. You figured it out by yourself. Now if you excuse me, I've got some smugglers to catch...


If you fail:

Pola Chapelle: I haven't heard from you in a while. How are you doing with the weather balloon case?

Detective: What weather balloon? I remember finding the file, but I don't recall reading it...

If you win:

Pola Chapelle: Where were you for so long? I was worried sick!

Detective: Look, Pola, there's been a misunderstanding. They weren't aliens, just candy smugglers using the UFO story as a cover.

Pola Chapelle: They got to you, huh? The government. They fed you lies and forced you to repeat them!

Detective: Not a chance, Pola. I saw it with my own eyes. The fake saucer, the candy, everything.

Pola Chapelle: Then how do you explain this? I found this on your doorstep!

Detective: An envelope... with money? It has the words "GOOD DISTRACTION. GOOD JOB." written on it. I don't understand!

Pola Chapelle: But I do. Just wait for the article in the Daily News. it's going to be out of this world!

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