"A bomb went off in the city claiming a life and Lucy Gordon thinks it's connected to the elections."


Detective: A gruesome case instead of a lunch. You either have a weird sense of entertainment... or a very good reason to drag me into this.

Lucy Gordon: Why not both? There was a bombing near a campaign office. We have one victim, yet to be identified.

Detective: I heard you've got something big to consult with me. I guess it's related to the firetrucks I've seen racing downtown?

Lucy Gordon: Correct. There was a bombing near a campaign office. We have one victim, yet to be identified.

Detective: That is gruesome. And you connect the bombing to the election?

Lucy Gordon: Obviously. The office isn't connected to Covet or Jameson. It's a third, independent party. But still, the public outcry will be enormous.


Detective: It'll take a lot of time for the coroner to identify the body. We should talk with the witnesses. Maybe someone could identify the victim.

Lucy Gordon: Good thinking. Without knowing the victim, we won't be able to figure out the motive.

  • 4 maps
  • 2 photos
  • Bomber: 7 magnifiers

Detective: That was close. Someone tried to literally blow our leads to smithereens!

Lucy Gordon: I think I can get something useful for a situation like this.

  • 4 fingerprints
  • 4 photos
  • 3 fingerprints
  • 2 maps

Detective: I don't get it. People say that Telly Cane left the campaign office and headed for his car. It exploded when he came nearby. But shouldn't he be in jail?

Lucy Gordon: Not anymore. His lawyer dragged him out, and he hopped into politics. One witness told me that Telly Cane was going to run for mayor.

Detective: So we've got a dead candidate on our hands. Let's catch the murderer before the coroner confirms this and the press goes haywire.

Crime scene search: Big Bang TheoryEdit

Detective: This is where it happened, huh?

Lucy Gordon: Yeah. The body is on the left, in the alley. You can't miss it. My people combed the immediate surroundings but found nothing of value.

Detective: That's why I'm here, then.

If you examine the blanket in the alley:

Detective: The body is unrecognizable. It'll take some time for the coroner to confirm that he really is Telly Cane.

In the outside, southwest of the shop, there's 1 candy on the bench

In the room east of the shop, there are $ 10 on the left desk

In the room south of storage, there's 1 paperclip on the switchboard.

In the campaign office, there's 1 candy on the stand, and 1 paperclip on the billboard

In the room south of alley, there's 1 paperclipon the switchboard, and another one in the pipe

In southeast storage, there's 1 candy in the grating.

Solution: the detonator on the desk in northeast storage.

Detective: Bingo. Looks like a detonator of some sort.

Lucy Gordon: Woah! I've heard about it in the police academy. It's a disaccharide detonator.

Detective: You mean it's made of sugar?

Lucy Gordon: Yeah. It's the trademark of a wanted terrorist. That's why cops call them the Sugarbomber.

Detective: We're up against a pro? That's just great.

Suspect identification: The Usual SuspectsEdit

Lucy Gordon: From what I heard, the Sugarbomber works for money, not ideology. So why did he interfere with the elections?

Detective: Someone hired him. Someone with enough underworld ties and money to get his attention, but who couldn't get the job done himself.

Voting Vendetta (witnesses, solution)

Solution: Donald Decker

Detective: Remember how Donald Decker killed Mickey over the marzipan deal? Word on the street is that remnants of the AmTransGroup took over Decker's business.

Lucy Gordon: That might be a motive: all right. Let's split. You get to Decker, and I'll dig into AmTransGroup connections.

City search: Under Your NoseEdit

Pola Chapelle: Hello handsome! The coroner plans a press conference in an hour. Any early comments on the press? Is the bomber still on the loose?

Pola Chapelle: Hello my dear! The coroner plans a press conference in an hour. Any early comments on the press? Is the bomber still on the loose?

Detective: Pola! Last time I saw you, you thought I was the mastermind behind the bank robbery.

Pola Chapelle: Water under the bridge. So, what do you have for me?

Detective: I'm on a trail. Be at the press conference, I promise to solve the case by then.

Detective: Now I just have to find Decker and make him talk, and all that in an hour.

Donald Decker is:

  • exactly 4 from a port
  • not more than 3 from a factory
  • not on water
  • more than 1 from labs
  • more than 1 from railways
  • more than 2 from clubs
  • On the map there are 3 ports
  • On the map there are 3 factories
  • On the map there are 2 clubs

There are candies in (5,5)

Voting Vendetta (city search, solution)

Solution: (7, 11)

Detective: How convenient. We don't even need to arrest you, because you're still behind bars.

Donald Decker: Laugh it up, gumshoe. I got what I wanted. That double-crossing wannabe mayor is pushing up daisies, and I can't get another life sentence, can I?

Detective: Cane had a whole operation set up. His men will come for you in prison. Who knows, maybe someone will even hire the Sugarbomber to add some irony to the situation.

Donald Decker: You're joking, right? The Sugarbomber? There's no way they could get to me in prison, could they?

Detective: Not if you tell me where to find them. I'd love to add an infamous terrorist to my list.

Donald Decker: Yeah, right, I'm no snitch. If I rat them out, they'll get me for sure. You don't know what they're capable of. The Sugarbomber is a real psycho.


Lucy Gordon: A convict hiring a known terrorist from behind bars, to take revenge on a dirty city official. What a story. Luckily you had it all figured out before the press conference.

Detective: You have no idea, but the Sugarbomber is still on the loose. Think we'll cross paths again?

Lucy Gordon: I doubt that. They're a mercenary. Someone would need to pay big bucks to get their attention.

Detective: I'd love to lay my hands on them, but for the sake of the city, I hope you're right.

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